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Sharpening rods: for the daily sharpening of your knives

Sharpening rods made from ceramic material or a diamond (diamond covered) outer are very suitable for the daily maintenance of your knife. The sharpening rod takes very little material away from your knife to make it sharper. A sharpening rod can also sharpen a bread knife. Contrary to the sharpening steel, a sharpening rod is a real sharpening tool. If you use a knife intensively you can use the sharpening rod daily or at regular intervals. Your knife will stay sharp and you can postpone major maintenance with a whetstone or a sharpener for a while.
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Buying sharpening rods

If you are looking to buy the appropriate sharpening rod, we stock an extensive assortment at We have sharpening steels from Global, Wüsthof, Lansky and our home brand Eden. You will find the diamond sharpening rod and ceramic rod assorted to your knife set immediately. The ceramic rod by Eden has a good price/quality relation and is absolutely recommended. Make sure that the sharpening rod that you buy is longer than the knife you want to sharpen. Just as with sharpening steel, you sharpen from top to bottom along the sharpening steel, and you start at the handle of the knife and end with the tip.

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 Eden Quality three-piece sharpening set

Three-piece sharpening set consisting of an Eden Quality Ceramic sharpening rod, an Eden Quality combi sharpening stone grain 240 / 800 and an Eden Quality combi sharpening stone grain 2000 / 5000.

£ 40.00
(477 reviews)
in stock
 Eden Quality Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Very fine ceramic sharpening rod. The perfect alternative for sharpening steels. Can be used to keep knives that are in good condition razor sharp.

£ 11.75
(295 reviews)
in stock
 Spyderco- 204MF Sharpmaker

High quality 'anyone-can-do-it' sharpening system.
Sharpens kitchen-knives as well as outdoor knives, scissors, chisels, and even axes !

£ 55.00
(479 reviews)
in stock
 Edge Pro, ceramic sharpening rod, grit 1200, 10 inch

Ceramic sharpening rod, length: 25.5 cm

£ 22.35
in stock
 Wusthof ceramic sharpening rod 10"

This Wusthof ceramic sharpening rod is ideal for maintaining the edge of your knives.

£ 47.00
(18 reviews)
in stock
 Edge Pro, ceramic sharpening rod, grit 1200, 8 inch

Ceramic sharpening rod, length: 21 cm

£ 18.40
in stock
 Lansky - Professional Model 2-Stage Sharpener

Foolproof do-it-yourself sharpening sytem. Creates a razor edge on your knives in seconds.

£ 38.75
(26 reviews)
in stock
 Lansky ceramic sharpening rod, LSS8CM

Ceramic sharpening rod, length: 20.5 cm

£ 11.20
(17 reviews)
in stock
 Zwilling J.A. Henckels ceramic sharpening steel

High Quality Zwilling J.A. Henckels Ceramic sharpening steel.

£ 33.90
(9 reviews)
in stock
 Lansky - Deluxe Turnbox Crock Stick Sharpener

Pocketsize 2-stage sharpening system. Hardwood turnbox with 2 medium & 2 fine grit ceramic rods that store conveniently inside the box for carry.

£ 21.50
(66 reviews)
in stock
 Wusthof Ceramic Knife Sharpener 26 cm (10")

Wusthof Ceramic sharpener, grain 1000 (3000 Japanese Standard) 26 cm (10 inch)

£ 48.00
(3 reviews)
in stock