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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Bark River Sharpening: strop whenever, wherever!

Bark River

Bark River is not only an expert when it comes to producing amazing knives, they also know how to sharpen these tools as well. With the Bark River strops and compouds you can polish your knives to make sure they are razor-sharp, but also shine like never before. So, are you a knife enthusiast, hiker or hunter and looking to strop the edge of your knife no matter where you are? If so the Bark River Sharpening strop and compound set is indispensable.

Amongst the real Bark River fans this set is incredibly popular and praised. And, to be frank: we wholeheartedly agree! Not only are the strops of an exceptionally good quality, thanks to their practical size they are also perfect to strop your knife on the road.

Bark River offers three compounds which you can use in combination with your strop. You start with the black and green compound. These have a coarser, more aggressive grain, respectively about grain 3000 and 6000. The white compound is meant for the famous finishing touch. It has a fine grain - we suspect it to be around 12000 - and is perfect to remove the burr from the edge after sharpening.

Bark River in a nutshell

As the expert might know Bark River is known for its stunning knives. Bark River Knives are standardly enhanced with a convex edge. This means that the side of the blade almost fluently transitions into the sharp edge. Founders Mike and Lesley Stewart - also real knife freaks - stand for consistent quality and a sublime finish. And you can definitely see that when you look at the materials used for the Bark River knives.