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Bon-Fire BBQ: outdoor cooking for everyone!

Bon-Fire logo

The Danish brand Bon-Fire turns outdoor cooking into an amazing experience. Cooking above a wood-burning fire will definitely turn into a social happening with Bon-Fire. Place a Bon-Fire tripod over a fire pit and attach a cauldron or grill.

You could, however, also use the Bon-Fire bread and biscuit sticks to make hot dog bugs or the Bon-Fire frying pans to fry meat, bake eggs or even pop some corn!

Cooking outside definitely brings you closer to nature. Being outside with friends and family while enjoying the fresh air is also a great way to spend some time together. Warm up by the fire while you enjoy a cup of hot coco or tea. Add the baking sheet to the grill and prepare some potatoes to accompany your beautiful piece of meat. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Family gatherings, children’s parties or weekends with friends will be even better with Bon-Fire.

Danish Design in your outdoor kitchen

Bon-Fire is a Danish brand. As a result you will definitely will be able to recognize the basic principles of the minimalistic Scandinavian Design when you look at the Bon-Fire products. The sleek designs without any unnecessary frills are incredibly functional.

Outdoor cooking accessories

Bon-Fire has also designed a number of different accessories to accompany your outdoor kitchen. From fireproof gloves to a foldable garbage bin: with these products Bon-Fire definitely completes the outdoor cooking experience.