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Carl Mertens kitchen knives: top-quality from Solingen

Carl Mertens has been producing products since 1919 that help you ‘enjoy the journey of cooking’. A journey filled with adventures and the discovery of new ingredients, flavours and fragrances, according to this German manufacturer. Located in Solingen, like most influential German knife makers, Carl Mertens produces kitchen tools for both the professional and the amateur chef. 

From cutlery to kitchen knives

Initially the company and its founder carrying the same name, focused on producing blades for pocket knives after which it started focusing on cutlery. However, since a couple of years ‘CM’ also produces kitchen knives, an industry they conquered step by step.

Today the company is run by Curt Mertens. He is – the only one – who is used as ‘cutlery specialist’ by the German chamber of commerce. In 2009 the company received the prestigious Red Dot Award, a price for product design, for its ‘Apoll’ fireplace and an honourable mention for the salad cutlery set called ‘Halm’.

Striking but functional

This brand is different from the rest because it is not afraid to enter paths less travelled. Carl Mertens is constantly looking for innovation and follows current trends. The Carl Mertens kitchen knives are characterized by sustainability, functionality, precision and an extraordinary design.

Metz and Carl collection

At the moment our range is comprised of two collections: the Carl and the Metz. Both are filled with all conceivable kitchen knives, but differ slightly in terms of materials. The blade of the Carl collection is made from X50CRMoV15 steel, while for the Metz collection Cromova was used. The handles are different because of one small detail. For both collections Carl Mertens used walnut wood. However, the handles from the Metz collection are made from European walnut wood while the handles from the Carl collection are American and a little darker.