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Pushing the limits of sanity, stamina and luck

Pocket Knives & Multitools

DPx Gear Knives: Hostile Environment Survival Tools

Mr. DP Logo, DPx Gear

DPx Gear knives are designed to endure the roughest conditions. DPX stands for Dangerous Places Extreme: exactly where these knives excel. The DPx knives are all solidly built, without compromise.

Are you looking for a tough, solid knife that you can rely on? Then a DPx Gear knife is a great choice for you!

Robert Young Pelton

The founder of DPx Gear is author, journalist and documentary filmmaker Robert Young Pelton. What a journalist has to do with survival knives? Well, this journalist has everything to do with survival. He has more than earned his reputation by reporting from more than 40 different wars and conflicts. From Iraq to Afghanistan and Chechnya and Mogadishu: RYP was there. He is known for travelling to the most dangerous and forbidden places in the world. Circumstances where you should be able to rely on your tools. Therefore, DPx Gear.


Most of the DPx Gear knives are made by the famous Italian LionSteel. As a result, you can find the LionSteel Rotoblock on some DPx knives: the lock that makes a pocket knife almost like a fixed knife.