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Envirofit: compact stoves perfect for outdoor cooking


With the Envirofit stoves you are free to cook when and where you would like without worrying about how much wood or coals you are using. Controlled and safe. The stoves can easily and quickly be set-up to make sure you can immediately start cooking. Take care of some firelighters, wood or coals and a pan and you are good to go. Envirofit has developed two different models. Depending on the type of stove you need to use wood or coals/charcoal briquettes. Take the stove with you when you go out camping or use it as a cooker to accompany your barbeque or as an extension to your outdoor kitchen.

Envirofit stoves with coals/charcoal briquettes

The stoves than can be used with coals/charcoal briquettes are compact and incredibly efficient. The inside is made from metal that reflects the heat without releasing hazardous gases. After lighting the stove you can control the temperature by means of an air vent at the bottom of the stove.

Envirofit stoves with wood

The Envirofit wood burning stoves ensure that you can cook food with a minimum amount of wood. Only a little amount will suffice. Because of the ‘rocket stove’ principle the wood is efficiently used. In addition, the patented combustion chamber technology maximizes airflow to reduce toxic and hazardous gases up to 80%.

Benefits Envirofit:

  • You can use the stoves to grill, fry, cook and stew;
  • You will no longer need bottles of gas or electricity;
  • Most models are compact enough to easily take with you;
  • Safe to use;
  • Sustainable cooking no matter where you are;
  • Minimal emission of toxic gases.

About Envirofit

Envirofit is an American organization that focuses on developing non-food products with a minimal environmental impact. Their goal? Creating a better living environment worldwide. Keeping these goals in mind Envirofit has designed cooking and heating systems that drastically reduce the amount of toxic gases.


The Envirofit stove is also known as the Coox stove because of its amazing history. In cooperation with the HIER-climate agency a Coox stove would be sent to a family in a developing country whenever a Coox stove was sold. Today, however, this is no longer the case which is why this stove is, once again, called the Envirofit stove!