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Nitecore P10iX | Expert Review by Koen van der Jagt

Not that long ago I tested the Nitecore P10i of which recently a more powerful version was introduced with only a small name change: the Nitecore P10iX. What does the 'X' add to the whole? I will tell you all about it!


Torch storage box
A nice storage box for the P10iX

My first impressions:

The packaging stands out, in a good way: a luxurious storage box; I feel that it should be the new standard! In terms of design not a lot changed, even though one detail does stand out: the P10iX is, in terms of length, clearly shorter and you quickly notice why: the head of the P10iX has a shallower reflector and four XP-L2 V6 LED lights, while the P10i is enhanced with one Luminus SST-40-W LED light in a more cone-shaped reflector. Because of this adjustment the P10iX reminds me of a mixture of the P10i and another compact light marvel also from Nitecore, the E4K. The next big difference can be found inside the light: the High Performance battery of the P10iX is more powerful and has more capacity, this is necessary because for the X version the light intensity has more than doubled. The third main difference is not directly visible: the P10iX can be programmed and has two user modes. But more about that later! The finish and construction quality is amazing for any Nitecore product and the P10iX is definitely no exception.

When and how:

Compared to the P10i, with its tactical user interface, the P10iX is more versatile. You can literally set up an 'at home' or 'out' mode if you feel like it. The P10iX is namely enhanced with both a 'daily' and a 'tactical' mode. You can easily switch between both. As such you, also thanks to the compact size, have a real all-rounder close. The P10iX has an energy-efficient mode of 2 lumens, but also a very powerful turbo mode of 4000 lumens. As such the light is incredibly versatile: police, security, in and around the house... it is all possible thanks to the six light intensities and the option to set up your preferred mode. Because of its shallow reflector the P10iX is not suited for long distance search ops, the P10i is, in this case, better because of its deeper reflector and different type of LED light.

Flashlight xp-l2 v6 LED lights
These four XP-L2-V6 LED lights provide you with a lot of power
The P10iX is almost a copy of the P10i, but also has some features of the E4K (left)

How is the P10iX in terms of controls and comfort?

Charging the P10iX is the same as with the P10i and pretty straightforward. You can always see the battery status when using the light and it is also possible to check the voltage up to 0.1 Volts. As such you will never unexpectedly find yourself with an empty battery. If you do, you can use the included adapter and two CR123A batteries (not included) as a power source. You do, however, only have one quarter of the total output available.

Most Nitecore lights are enhanced with a 'busy' design with lots of angles and cut-outs, but do, as such, feel great in hand. Both switches on the back are easy to find, even while wearing gloves. You can set up the preferred mode (daily or tactical) by, at the same time, holding the (flat) mode switch and slightly loosening the battery cap. However, watch out for your eyes, because the P10iX will (unwittingly) switch to the stroboscope mode, which is quite blinding. Afterwards you will see the light blink once (daily), or two times (tactical): from that moment on it will be the set-up mode. Afterwards you once again secure the battery cap. It takes some getting used to, but once you do it is a piece of cake. In the daily mode the P10iX will switch from low to high and provide you with six light intensities, amongst which a great low mode. The intensities are nicely divided over a range from 2 to 4000 lumens. As you might expect the main switch is meant to turn the light on or off or momentary-on, and you use the mode switch to switch between, you guessed it, the light modes. You cannot secure the turbo mode, for it you need to hold down the mode switch. Clearly meant to protect the light from overheating. The stroboscope defence option is always immediately available, both when switched on and off. How? From the stand-by mode you hold down the mode switch and when the light is turned on you quickly click three times in a row to activate the stroboscope mode.

Outdoor torch
Many angles, cut-outs and structure in the design
rechargeable battery torch
The P10iX has a more powerful battery with more endurance

In the tactical mode some light intensities are skipped and the light will switch from high to low. You can secure the turbo mode in this mode, but it won't last long: after only a couple minutes the light will need to cool down; you will see that the built-in Advanced Temperature Regulation will take over by reducing the output until the light has cooled down enough. In the tactical mode the stroboscope mode is a lot quicker to access which is, of course, great. Immediately available by holding the mode button when both turned on and off. Compared to the daily mode the P10iX will not remember the mode last used when in tactical mode; this means it will always start with the turbo mode. Quite reassuring when, as a law enforcer, you unexpectedly find yourself in a difficult situation. Easy to find switches with a clear pressure point

You can easily attach the light to your clothing or gear with the clip or tactical holster. Plenty of options and because it is relatively small it will also fit in your (jacket)pocket. Quite a lot of explanation in terms of controls but you will quickly get the hang of it!

Torch tactical switch
Easy to find switches with a clear pressure point
Pay close attention to the difference in reflectors and LED lights, this affects both the image and intensity of the light

This is what I love about the P10iX:

The size and the versatility are strong points. I also really appreciate the scope of suitable accessories. There are useful options for any target group.

This could be better:

As you program the modes (daily or tactical) you could, if you do not pay attention, be blinded by the stroboscope mode. I can also not get used to the blue status light for the battery status: I think green and red are much more clear.

Value for money?

The P10iX is not a lot more expensive than the P10i and in exchange you receive a light that is twice as powerful and can even be programmed. Taking this into account the X-version is very reasonably priced!

My conclusion

I already really liked the P10i, and in many ways the P10iX takes it up a notch. The added daily mode makes the light even more complete and therefore more versatile. In the turbo mode it won't last very long, but in the higher 1700 lumens mode it can last quite a lot longer than the comparable turbo mode for the P10i. However, the P10i has more reach. Both lights are easy to control and are solidly built.

In short: the P10iX is a compact all-rounder for a great price.

The choice between the two: longer size with more reach vs compact and more light intensity


Why not take a look at the massive range of accessories such as traffic cones, colour filters and mounting options. All to personalize your P10iX even more!

Last, but not least: the beamshots:

The X-version of the P10i has a completely different light mage than that of the 'regular' P10i: a massive amount of light at a shorter distance with a broad angle. The colour is cold white, as is common for most contemporary flashlights. Below the images which might even say more than words! The location is a row of trees close to a river: a nice place to test the broad beam. First the six light modes.

While holding the light. Now you can see even better which surface the light hits!
When used in foggy weather, the P10iX's light image provides you with a very cool effect!

The only thing left to do now is compare the P10i and the P10iX. The location is a partially cut-down forest. Pay attention to the trees both close by and far away: the beam of the P10i reaches further while the P10iX has a much broader beam. The difference in output is also clear here.

Koen van der Jagt

Ever since he could walk Koen has been interested in lights, wires and batteries. As a child he was always working with dyno torches, bike lights and electrical boxes. The krypton and halogen lights were replaced by LED lights. A couple of years ago he discovered the ‘professional’ stuff. His first brands were Led Lenser and Fenix. Photography is also one of his hobbies. In addition to nature and meteorology Koen loves to show others what a light can do and what its beam looks like at night. Koen’s reviews can often be found on forums such as and Throughout the years Koen has collected lights in practically any category: from small and compact to enormous powerhouses.