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The largest and best knife collection, selected for you

In our online shop, you find a very large assortment of superior quality knives. We have a very diverse range of types of knives amongst others pocket knives, kitchen knives, hunting knives and chef's knives. Irrespective of which knife you are looking for, we only stock knives of the best quality. We are great fans of anything that cuts sharply, and that's why we thoroughly test the quality of all knives we sell.
At we decided that our customers can only buy the best quality knives from us. We will never sell a knife that doesn't pass the test.
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Unique knives selected for all types of users

Besides all well-known brands of pocket knives and kitchen knives we also have selected special brands with unique knives. Those knives are very popular for their quality and originality. These are brands like Mcusta, Lionsteel pocket knives and Sakai Takayuki chef's knives. You will undoubtedly find the knife you want in our unique collection of pocket knives, kitchen knives, hunting knives, chef's knives, Japanese knives, gentlemen's knives, Laguiole knives, outdoor knives, daggers, survival knives and all other types of knives. Besides the knives, we also stock many essential accessories for your knife, like sharpening tools, chopping boards, storage systems and lots of other things.

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Kitchen knives
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Our kitchen knife brands

Our outdoor pocket knives

 Wüsthof Classic Paring Knife 8 cm, 4000

Blade length: 7.4 cm
Overall length: 17.9 cm
Weight: 62.0 grams

 Wusthof Classic Peeling Knife 7 cm, 4062

Blade length: 6.1 cm
Overall length: 16.8 cm
Weight: 61.0 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Fluting Knife 7 cm, 4064

Blade length: 6.8 cm
Overall length: 17.0 cm
Weight: 61.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Utility Knife 9 cm, 4066/9

Blade length: 8,9 cm
Overall length: 18,8 cm
Weight: 63,5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Utility Knife 10 cm, 4066/10

Blade length: 10.9 cm
Overall length: 19.9 cm
Weight: 66.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Utility Knife 12 cm, 4066/12

Blade length: 11.4 cm
Overall length: 22.8 cm
Weight: 69.0 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife 12 cm, 4068

Blade length: 11.4 cm
Overall length: 22.4 cm
Weight: 72.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Tomato Knife 14 cm, 4109

Blade length: 13.5 cm
Overall length: 24.5 cm
Weight: 75.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Decorating knife 11 cm, 4200

Blade length: 9.5 cm
Overall length: 21.0 cm
Weight: 87.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Trimming Knife 7 cm, 4002

Blade length: 6.6 cm
Overall length: 16,7 cm
Weight: 59,0 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Boning knife 10 cm, 4601

Blade length: 10.0 cm
Overall length: 22.0 cm
Weight: 100 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Boning Knife 14 cm, 4602

Blade length: 13.5 cm
Overall length: 26.6 cm
Weight: 143 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Boning Knife 16 cm, 4603

Blade length: 15.8 cm
Overall length: 28.8 cm
Weight: 144 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Sausage Knife 14 cm, 4110

Blade length: 13.2 cm
Overall length: 24.7 cm
Weight: 75.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife 20 cm, 4149

Blade length: 19.2 cm
Overall length: 31.8 cm
Weight: 132 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife 23 cm, 4150

Blade length:
Overall length:

 Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife 26 cm, 4151

Blade length: 24.2 cm
Overall length: 38.3 cm
Weight: 201 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Ham Slicer 26 cm, 4530

Blade length: 25 cm
Overall length: 37.6 cm
Weight: 128 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Flexible Fish Fillet Knife 16 cm, 4518/16

Blade length: 15.4 cm
Overall length: 26.5 cm
Weight: 71.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Flexible Fish Fillet knife 20 cm, 4518/20

Blade length: 19.4 cm
Overall length: 30.5 cm
Weight: 74.5 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Fillet Knife 16 cm, 4550/16

Blade length: 15.8 cm
Overall length: 28.0 cm
Weight: 106 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Fillet Knife 17 cm, 4550/18

Blade length: 17.7 cm
Overall length: 29.9 cm
Weight: 108 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Kitchen Knife 16 cm, 4138/16

Blade length: 15.8 cm
Overall length: 28.3 cm
Weight: 115 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Sandwich Knife 14 cm, 4522/14

Blade length: 13.4 cm
Overall length: 25.7 cm
Weight: 109 grams

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