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New: Wicked Edge GO Precision Sharp WE60 2022

The Wicked Edge GO WE60 2022 is the new model of the compact and affordable Wicked Edge sharpening system. Compact enough to easily take with you and with the precision you have grown accustomed to from Wicked Edge sharpening systems. But what is new?

Wicked Edge GO 2022 new features:

The clamp

This sharpening system is enhanced with a couple new features. Let’s start with the clamp. It was updated to make sure you can secure more different styles of blades. The clamp has three ‘fingers’ compared to the massive clamp that was a part of the old Wicked Edge GO. As such the clamp is a little more flexible, enabling it to hold more different blades.

New Angle Slides

The so-called Angle Slides were also completely updated. It still moves smoothly through the base. Checking out the sharpening angle, however, is a lot easier thanks to the arrow in the Angle Slides that point to the degree gauge. The mechanism that secures the guide rods to the Angle Glides was also completely updated. Place the guide rods on the Angle Glides and secure the screw. It secures the guiding rod. As such removing or replacing the rods is not only easy, it also helps you determine the resistance. You can set the resistance to your like for an even better sharpening experience.

The base

The aluminium base is smaller and lighter. As such it is even easier to store or transport the system.

Wicked Edge GO WE60 sharpening stones

The Wicked Edge GO includes two double-sided diamond-coated sharpening stones with grit sizes 200 and 600. With the 200 side you can sharpen blunt knives. With these diamond-coated sharpening stones you can quickly restore the edge of your knife. The 600 side refines the cutting edge until it is very sharp.

The main advantage of the Wicked Edge GO is that it is supplied with only these two sharpening stones, but you can simply expand with other stones from the Wicked Edge range. As such, in time, you can also use the Wicked Edge GO to end up with a mirrored edge.