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New: NiteCore LR50 Campbank

NiteCore introduces the revolutionary LR50 3-in-1 Campbank. The Campbank has no less than three functions: camping light, powerbank and battery charger. This top-quality and innovative camping light has soft light and an excellent endurance. The Campbank is great while camping, during emergency situations at home, while working in and around the house and for other daily tasks.

The NiteCore LR50 as a camping light

The LR50 has 9 high CRI LED lights. As such you see very bright colours. This Campbank has a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) which is higher than 90 with a colour temperature of 4000-5000K. The Campbank has a maximum light output of 250 lumens. The light has three brightness levels (high, average and low) and two special modes (SOS and beacon). You can also determine in which direction the light needs to shine: all around, only from the front, from the front and above or only from above. The waterproof rating of the LR50 is IP66. This means that the LR50 is water and dustproof. As such you can easily leave the Campbank outside.

The NiteCore LR50 as a powerbank

You can also use the NiteCore LR50 Campbank as a powerbank. The Campbank has a maximum output of 5V/2.1A when you use 18650 batteries. This LR50 works with one and two 18650 batteries and can also be used with CR123 batteries. As such you can easily charge your head torch, digital camera or smartphone.

The NiteCore LR50 as a battery charger

You can also use the NiteCore LR50 as a battery charger. The micro USB-port is compatible with multiple power sources to charge two 18650 Li-ion batteries. The Campbank automatically detects the level and continuously displays the current status. As such you can immediately see how far the batteries are charged.

Advantages of the NiteCore LR50 Campbank

  • Advantages of the NiteCore LR50 Campbank
  • Camping light, powerbank and battery charger all wrapped in one
  • Very bright colours thanks to 9 high CRI-LED lights
  • Maximum light output of 250 lumens
  • Choose from different light modes
  • Water and dustproof
  • Enhanced with a magnet and hanger

The light modes on the NiteCore LR50 Campbank

  • High (250 lumens, 10 hours)
  • Medium (65 lumens, 22 hours)
  • Low (6 lumen, 100 hours)

Measured with two 18650 Li-ion batteries (3.500mAh). The batteries are not included but can be purchased separately.