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Primus stoves: for any adventure!


The Primus range is comprised of a broad selection of stoves. The difference between the stoves can be found in their size, if they are foldable, and the fuel(s) needed. There are stoves that only work with gas and stoves that work with gas and liquid fuels (such as fuel, diesel or kerosene). 

Gas containers cannot be transported by plane and in some countries it can be difficult to find the right gas tank. In that case a stove that works with other types of fuel is the answer. It is also an advantage when you are dealing with extremely cold weather. When the temperature drops far below zero, the pressure in the gas container drops as well. As a result you have to deal with limited gas efficiency. The Primus winter gas works up to temperatures of -22° C. If you expect temperatures to drop even lower, liquid fuel will be the best option. Most of the Primus stoves have been enhanced with a spark igniter, a so-called piëzo-igniter. The igniter enables you to light the pilot flame with only the push of a button. If you decide to go with the gas stove without the piezo-igniter, you can use a separate lighter to light the stove.

Please note: fuel is not included with the Primus stoves.

About Primus

At Primus they feel the need to offer anyone who loves the outdoors as much freedom as possible during any adventure. Whether you are planning to climb the highest mountains, or decide to go for a simple walk in the woods, enjoy a picnic on the beach or any other outdoor activity. It doesn’t matter what your journey will look like, there is always a Primus stove that will suit your needs.

For this reason the people at Primus have been working the past 125 years to develop and perfect cooking equipment for the outdoors. Key is that you carry with you top-quality equipment you can rely on, regardless of the circumstances.

Each product needs to adhere to strict demands before it leaves the factory. They are checked on leaks and lit to make sure they burn as they should. This means that you could find some dull spots on the stove. This shows you that the product has been tested and is in perfect condition. It is also called ‘Exploration Ready’. And to prove that the stove has been tested it has been enhanced with a ‘Exploration Ready’ tag. Signed by the person who tested the stove.