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Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef: Classic kitchen knives of modern steel

The Grand Chef series is a series of kitchen knives from Sakai Takayuki. High-quality knives with a Western-style handle and a blade made of Swedish steel. Created and sharpened in Japan by leading knife producers.

Blade of Swedish steel, sharpened in a Japanese way

The kitchen knives from the Grand Chef-series have a blade made of Swedish Böhler-Uddelholm AEB-L-steel. The steel is very pure and extremely resistant to rust. Another advantage of this steel is the extreme sharpness that can be achieved through grinding. The blade has a very sharp cut, thanks to the Japanese way of grinding.

Light weighted thanks to the narrow blade

In addition to the sharp cut, the narrow blade is very characteristic for Sakai Takayuki knives. Something that certainly applies to the blades in the Grand Chef series as well. The narrow blade ensures that the knives are very light. Easy to maneuver and perfect for precision work.

Classic and comfortable handle

The blade runs seamlessly into the Western-styled handle. The handle is made of compressed wood and is secured with rivets. So you get the best of both worlds with the Grand Chef series: on the one hand, the strong, Japanese cut blade and, on the other hand, the familiar Western handle. A compelling combination!