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Silky handsaws tested by Dutch Bushcraft Knives

While the infamous guys at Dutch Bushcraft Knives certainly know their way around knives, they're quite familiar with saws as well.

They've already tested quite a few Silky handsaws like the Katanaboy, the Gomboy and the Pocketboy. Or, as these guys like to say, the best bloody saws in the world! They even dare say that "your bushcraft kit is not complete without one" and "you won't regret buying one". Strong words, but who are we to disagree?


DBK's take on the different Silky's

The video above is mainly about the Katanaboy. But that's not the only Silky handsaw that these guys have tested. In fact, there are quite a few Silky's that they've put to the test. Here's what they found out about the different Silky's available:

The ultimate EDC saw

The Silky Pocketboy 130. This saw is amazing to carry around in your backpack as you won’t even notice it’s there. Although it’s small it saws like a monster. My personal favourite for a fire stove or in the backpack. If you need just a little more length the Pocketboy 170 will also do a phenomenal job.

The ultimate all-round saw

The Silky Gomboys are amazing bushcrafting / around-the-camp saws. Their large teeth will make you feel like you are working with a 'baby' chainsaw. The Gomboys come in many different sizes. While the Gomboy 210 is amazing for building small shelters and easy to carry on your daily hikes, the Gomboy 300 shines in building medium to large shelters. In addition, it is large enough to saw through medium sized trees when you, for instance, need to clear the road. You name it, this badboy can do it! The Gomboys are definitely Silky's most all-round saws as their sizes fit almost every job.

The world’s fastest handsaws

Looking for a good saw for road clearing or felling trees with minimal sound? If you are, the Silky Bigboy or Katanaboy are what you have been looking for. These saws are the fastest saws we have ever tested. If you like to saw your own firewood but your neighbours don’t like your chainsaw, these are a great option as well. We have sawn hundreds of pieces of firewood using the Katanaboy. The best thing about these ‘pull saws’ is that you don’t need to use force. They just eat through the wood with their own weight.

Who the f#$% are Dutch Bushcraft Knives?

Who are Maarten and Mikkie B you ask? They are the guys at Dutch Bushcraft Knives. Their Youtube channel has over 130 thousand subscribers and some of their videos have been watched by millions. They are really picky when it comes to their knives, so these are the guys to ask for advice.