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Tomahawks: the throwing axes once used by the Native Americans

Tomahawks were originally used by the Native Americans who used them as tools and weapons. Today the tomahawk is mostly used as a throwing axe. In the United States they even organize throwing axe competitions.

The tomahawk as a survival tool

Because of their low weight tomahawks are also incredibly popular amongst bushcrafters and hikers. After all, it is easy to carry a tomahawk in your backpack. In the Vietnam war tomahawks were also handed out to soldiers as tools. And for some SWAT teams modified tomahawks are indispensable when they need to enter a home. These type of tomahawks are no longer really throwing axes, but specifically developed to serve a different purpose.

At this page you will find the best tomahawks from brands such as Cold Steel, CRKT and SOG. Here you will also find other throwing axes that are loosely based on the original tomahawks.