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Top 5 throwing axes

Our broad range can sometimes be a little overwhelming. That is why we made this top 5 throwing axes. To help you find the throwing axe that will suit your needs and expectations. Easy right? Because we test all our axes ourselves this top 5 is based on the axes that came out best in our tests. As such you don't have to chop for hours or throw axes to find out which is the best.

  1. Cold Steel Frontier Hawk tomahawk

    Cold Steel Frontier Hawk tomahawk

    The first axe on this list is the Cold Steel Frontier, this classic Tomahawk is known for its simple design. SImple but effective. As such the axe weighs next to nothing. You can also easily replace the handle. To make matters even easier we also sell the handle separately. Incredibly practical!

    • Length: 56 cm
    • Weight: 655 grams
    In stock
  2. Cold Steel Competition Throwing Hatchet - 90AXF

    Cold Steel Competition Throwing Hatchet - 90AXF

    The design of the Estwing Black Eagle is simply amazing. The double head might remind you of old Viking shows. As such the whole does not only look very tough, it also increases the chances of sticking to the target. The axe has a full-tang construction which means that it was milled from one piece of metal. A solid, tough axe that will last a lifetime.

    • Length: 45 cm
    • Weight: 1077 grams
    In stock
  3. CRKT Kangee T-Hawk 2725 tactical axe, Ryan Johnson design

    CRKT Kangee T-Hawk 2725 tactical axe, Ryan Johnson design

    Another Cold Steel throwing axe, but this time with a slightly more modern design. Produced for competitions. Because of the shape and weight of the axe head the Competition Throwing Hatchet has a bigger chance of hitting the target. This, of course, still takes some practice.

    • Length: 41 cm
    • Weight: 595 grams
    In stock

We hope this top 5 will help you make your choice easier. Do you prefer browsing our entire range of throwing axes? Check out our Tomahawks & modern throwing axes page.