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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Wüsthof Epicure: Ingenious down to the last detail

The knives from the Wüsthof Epicure collection can only be called remarkable. Epicure comes from Epicurean: someone who loves to prepare food and enjoys eating and drinking. 

The Epicure collection combines precision, experience and technique in a range of affordable knives.

Björn Berger is a successful industrial designer from Germany. His design is the basis for the knives that combine two important philosophies: the low weight of Japanese knives and German quality. After two years of perfecting and forging the results are finally here. And damn, those are some results.

Wüsthof Epicure: the striking blade

The shape of the Wüsthof Epicure blade is broader to ensure that more pressure is put on the product that is being cut. The full-tang blade is made from one piece of X50CrMoV15 steel. In addition, the excellent quality of the steel has been given another dimension while it was forged and during the subsequent solidification process. As such the steel determines the sharpness and sustainability of the knife. Furthermore, the hardness of 58 HRC guarantees that the knife remains sharp, flexible and is easy to sharpen.

Wüsthof Epicure: innovative crop

The newly shaped crop ensures an optimal balance and gives you more freedom while you are cutting. In addition, the crop protects the fingers making sure that they do not come into contact with the blade. Via the crop the blade seamlessly merges with the handle.

Wüsthof Epicure: the stylish handle

The handle is made from layers of paper and synthetic resin. As such you end up with the feel of wood, but the hygienic qualities of plastic. Like the blade the handle is also slightly bigger. The ergonomically designed handle ensures optimal comfort. The front part is relatively broad but becomes slimmer towards the back to fit the natural position of the hand. The handle is attached with two stainless steel rivets.