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Kitchen Knives & Cooking

Wüsthof Grand Prix II knives

Wüsthof Grand Prix II can be compared with the Classic series. In this series the handle consists of one sturdy piece of polypropylene. This gives the series a slightly more modern look. The shape of the handle is just a little more ergonomic, due to the rounding.

The surface structure provides a good grip. The blade continues in the handle. Like all Wüsthof kitchen knives the knives in the Grand Prix II series are also sharpened with laser precision. The knives come out of the box as sharp as a razor blade!

Wüsthof Grand Prix II in the dishwasher?

If you (against our advice) still want to put your kitchen knives in the dishwasher, the Grand Prix II series is the best choice. The risk of breaking the handle is slightly lower, because there are no rivets and the handle is seamlessly welded to prevent liquid from entering.