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WakaWaka World Charger 24-007

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Full description

The WakaWaka World Charger is a versatile world charger for the real travellers amongst us. Because of the useful sliding mechanism you can simply conjure up the European, American, Australian and British plugs. At the same time you can also plug all these plugs into the World Charger.

Today many devices are charged via a USB cable. For this reason WakaWaka has enhanced the World Charger with two USB ports. One 1A port, and one with a charge rate of 2.1A. You use the latter for devices that need a lot of power. Think, for instance, of USB rechargeable laptops and tablets.

WakaWaka: Share the Sun

WakaWaka is working on making the world a better place. By participating in different societal projects worldwide WakaWaka is doing everything it can to change lives. In various humanitarian crises WakaWaka helps out with power banks and solar powered lighting. However, WakaWaka also helps out schoolchildren in Afrika because they can do their homework at night. As such WakaWaka contributes to their education. In these types of situations WakaWaka always works with a participation model: quid pro quo. From keeping villages clean to a small financial contribution, equal to the costs of the polluting alternatives. Better for the people, better for the environment.


Brand WakaWaka
Country of origin China
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

WakaWaka World Charger 24-007


General information

Brand WakaWaka
Country of origin China
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year


5V USB output yes
Charging voltage 1000 mA, 2100 mA
max mA USB output 2100

Features & functions

Adapter US plug, AUS plug, EU plug, UK plug, USB
Type of charger chargers

Dimensions & weight

Weight 100 grams
Length 6.1 cm
Height 5.6 cm
Width 4.9 cm