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Wicked Edge Portable Pro Sharpening system- WE130P

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This product is no longer available

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With the Wicked Edge Portable Pro sharpening system - WE130P sharpening will be child's play. After a little practice you can use this system to quickly, and, more importantly, accurately sharpen knives until they are razor-sharp. This relatively small sharpening system contains all parts you need to sharpen any knife with a 13 to 35 degree angle. Knives with a serrated edge cannot be sharpened with this system yet!


1 Attachment

Take the system from its case and assemble it according to the manual. With the help of a G-clamp you place the system on a table. Please note: The G-clamp is suited for tables with a top of up to 5 cm!

2 Clamp the knife in the Wicked Edge

Place the knife with the edge pointing up in the top clamp of the Wicked Edge.

3 Determine the right depth and sharpening angle for the knife

There are multiple ways to determine this. The Wicked Edge website contains many general guide lines, tables with different types of knives and forums where a lot of information can be found. The manual also clearly tells you how to determine the right depth and sharpening angle.

With a waterproof marker you trace a line on the fold of the blade. Afterwards you use a fine sharpening stone to sharpen the knife once. The faded line of the marker shows you if the angle is correct, or should be larger or smaller and if the knife should be positioned more in the front or the back. The manual clearly highlights this with pictures.

4 Determine the grain size of the sharpening stones

Which grain size is best depends on the bluntness of your knife. This set comes with four stones with four grain sizes. 2x 100-200 and 2x 400-600. The lower the grain size the coarser the stone. Grain size 100, for instance, is great when your knife is really blunt or has a damaged blade which needs to be repaired. For knives that are still relatively sharp but can be sharper the 400-600 stone will be enough to quickly end up with a razor-sharp edge.

There are different tests you can carry out to determine how blunt your knife is.

5 Sharpening

Slide the sharpening stones with the right grain size on the rods. You don't need any water or oil so you can immediately start sharpening. Because you have selected the right angle it is impossible to sharpen your knife using the wrong angle. Slide the sharpening stones alongside the edge a couple of times and you are good to go!

There are also sharpening stones with a finer grain size for an even sharper result. The strops leave you with a smooth and razor-sharp result.

It is possible to sharpen your knife using either both rods at once or with one rod. In addition, it is possible to select a different angle for each rod. As such you can sharpen Western and Asian knives with this system.

More information: Wicked Edge tips & tricks


Maintaining a Wicked Edge means you have to regularly clean it. Soms parts need a drop of oil once in a while and other parts need to be cleaned with a moist towel. So no complicated tasks.

For more information. Maintaining a Wicked Edge sharpening system


Brand Wicked Edge
Colour black
Country of origin USA

Wicked Edge Portable Pro Sharpening system- WE130P


General information

Brand Wicked Edge
Colour black
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime

Features & functions

Fixed sharpening angle no
Grit according to supplier 100, 200, 400, 600
Use with water no
Type sharpening system
Grit size Extra coarse (0-220), Coarse (220-600), Medium (600-1000)
Sharpening angle 15º, 35º, Variable sharpening angle


Abrasive diamond

Scope of delivery

Storage box / etui yes
Number of stones included 4
Inclusive sharpening rod

Dimensions & weight

Weight 2790 grams
Length 4 cm
Height 20 cm
Width 30.5 cm
Height storage box / etui 7.5 pick
Length storage box 30 pick
Width storage box 36 pick

This product is no longer available

0 review(s)

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