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Valid thru April 27th 2015 or while stock last. The online shop for kitchen knives, pocket knives, torches and binoculars!

Are you a fan of real quality products? We test all our products ourselves and have selected the sharpest knives or the strongest torch for you. On you will find superior quality kitchen knives, torches, pocket knives, binoculars at the best possible price. Cooking and outdoor enthusiasts have come to the right place here.
Spyderco Endura Green

£ 84.70

Wüsthof anniversary set

£ 149.25

Robert Welch chef's knife

£ 44.20

Kitchen knives and knife sets

Once you have used a good kitchen knife, you will never use anything else again. A good chef's knife is a pleasure to work with. It is thin, razor sharp and easy to keep that way. We stock kitchen knives and knife sets of all famous brands like WüsthofZwilling, Robert Herder and Sakai Takayuki. A professional knife can be very reasonably priced too. offers you the best prices for famous knives and also sells kitchen knives of our own brand Eden. There are  Eden kitchen knives for any type of chef. They are of very superior quality, have a splendid design and are extremely attractively priced as we import them ourselves. Besides kitchen knives you will also find chopping boards and other kitchen utensils here.
Eden wooden cutting boardCutting board made out of high-quality rubberwood

£ 23.95
Engrave your knifeAdd this article to your shopping cart if you like to engrave your knives!

£ 4.90
Microplane Gourmet course grater

£ 24.95
Eden Classic Damast 6-piece knife block set6-piece knife set from the Eden Classic Damast series.

£ 126.70
Eden three-piece sharpening setAll you need to keep your knives in tip-top condition.

£ 47.95
Wusthof Sharpening steel 9"A round sharpening steel with a lenght of 23 cm.

£ 24.45
Chef'sChoice Electric Knife SharpenerThe chef's Choice model 120 is a professional electric knife sharpening machine..

£ 149.00
Spyderco SharpmakerHigh quality 'anyone can do it' sharpening system that sharpens all your kitchen knives.

£ 55.00

Sharpening and maintenance

You can easily sharpen your kitchen knives yourself. It is great fun, you always have sharp knives and it saves you a lot of cash. Use a ceramic sharpener for the daily sharpening of your chef's knife. You can use an electric sharpener, a multi edge sharpener or a whetstone. You can get your knives razor-sharp with a Japanese whetstone. We stock the unique Spyderco sharpening system, water stones of Naniwa, Chef’s Choice sharpening machines and a sharpening package of our own brand Eden. In short, look after your knives by sharpening them yourself. It is easy and great fun. View the films on our site.

Pocket knives and multitools started up in 1999 selling pocket knives. We were the first online pocket knives specialist in Western Europe. We sell knives by Buck, Spyderco, Victorinox, Fällkniven, Opinel, Laguiole, Cold Steel, Kershaw etc. is also a specialist dealer of Leatherman multitools. We have grown to become one of the largest pocket knives suppliers in Western Europe. We carry an assortment of special knives that are not available in most shops. To be included in our range, the knife must be of superior quality. If it's not good, we don't sell it!
Leatherman Wave multitool + leather sheathThe new version of the famous Leatherman Wave.

£ 69.90
Mcusta MC-0037C YoroiStylish Japanese gentleman’s folding knife of outstanding quality.

£ 167.50
Spyderco C122GP TenaciousThe Tenacious pocket knife from Spyderco is an excellent example of a knife that is ideal for everyday carry.

£ 36.50
Victorinox HuntsmanHigh quality classic Swiss pocketknife with red scales.

£ 21.50
Fenix PD35 LED TorchIf there is a torch which is worth being called versatile, it must be the Fenix PD35.

£ 59.95
Fenix TK75 LED flashlightTK 75 provides a maximum light output of no less than 2,900 ANSI* lumens

£ 159.95
2 pieces Eden Quality 18650 battery 3400 mAh18650 Lithium-Ion batteries are guaranteed to last a very long time and can easily be used in low temperatures.

£ 27.95
NiteCore SRT7 RevengerBy introducing the SRT7, Nitecore has presented a torch which can rightfully be described as multifunctional.

£ 89.90

Find the LED-torch that suits you here

We have the perfect LED torch for any application. Are you looking for the most powerful torch? Browse our overview of the strongest torches. Or are you just looking for a torch for everyday use or for a quick walk at night? Look for a popular torch in that case. Do you wish a torch of a superior brand? We carry the LED lights of Fenix, NiteCore, Maglite and Led Lenser among others. We stock torches of various sizes, from keyrings to Polarion searchlights. is also the only supplier of the Eden tactical police torch.

Superior quality binoculars on!

Discover nature's splendour with binoculars from You will only find superior quality binoculars of brands like Swarovski, Leica, Bushnell and Steiner here. Besides the familiar brands we also sell our own brand binoculars: Eden. The Eden binoculars are developed by us. This way we try to make superior quality accessible at the best possible price. The Eden binoculars are produced in famous factories. By cutting out the middle man for distribution we can sell the Eden binoculars at a very sharp price. That means more bargain for you!
Eden XP 8x42Eden Quality XP 8x42 ‘roof prism’ binoculars render an exceptionally clear and crisp image with excellent edge sharpness.

£ 245.00
Swarovski CL Companion 8x30The Swarovski CL Companion 8 x 30 is a compact pair of binoculars of unsurpassed quality that has the excellent features of all Swarovski binoculars.

£ 758.00
Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 8x42The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD binoculars are of outstanding quality.

£ 422.50
Eden Binoculars HD 8x42Eden 8x42 roof-type binoculars - high quality optics guarantees a very clear and bright image with a high edge-of-field sharpness.

£ 129.00
Wetterlings Small Hunting AxeThe Wettelings small hunting axe is a handmade axe from the hunting series of Wetterlings.

£ 63.60
Fenix NW20 Lifesaving whistleStainless steel two-tone whistle, suitable for emitting distress signals in emergencies or life-threatening situations.

£ 13.95
Blazer Blue FlameThe Blazer lighter, the latest addition to a new type of lighter that was pioneered some 20 years ago.

£ 27.45
Aurora Fire StarterAll-round survival fire starter by Solo Scientific. This model is equipped with tungsten, carbide, cobalt Super Alloy Striking Blade.

£ 21.50

Outdoor & Gear

As an outdoor enthusiast you are always on the lookout for essential gear. gives you the ultimate outdoor gear at very sharp prices. We supply survival equipment like Wetterlings axes, the SAS survival handbook, Fire Starters, the unbelievable saw and versatile paracord. All our outdoor gear is of high quality with a high gadget appeal. These products are also ideal as gifts for outdoor sports fans or for backpacking tourists.