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Knife sharpening info page

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A double sharpening stone

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Sharpening your bread knife?

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Sharpening knives and how to look after them with whetstones and sharpening tools

Keep your knives sharp in an easy way; look after them. By regularly using a ceramic sharpener and sharpening your knives on a whetstone your kitchen knives and pocket knives stay sharp and in excellent condition. Sharpening your own knives is easy with the sharpening tools of

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Naniwa whetstones

We stock a wide assortment of sharpening tools, like whetstones, sharpening rods and many other sorts of tools for sharpening knives. Water stones are the best whetstones, especially the Naniwa Chosera range. We also sell Eden whetstones, which are very good value for money. The Belgian Blue Whetstones (BBW) by Ardennes Coticule are also included in our assortment. Whetstones can also be used for sharpening axes and chisels.

Spyderco Sharpmaker sharpening system

Besides whetstones we also have various other systems for the maintenance of your knife. Sharpening your knives with the Spyderco sharpening system is very easy and gives amazing results. The Chef's Choice electric sharpening machine and the Vulkanus knife sharpener available as well.

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Eden whetstones
Naniwa whetstones
Knife sharpeners
Sharpening steels
 Naniwa Rust Eraser A-903, rust eraser

Polishing block to remove rust from metal surfaces

 DMT Diamond sharpening stone, fine, W8F

Sharpening stone with diamond sharpening surface. Grit size: fine. Length: 8 inch/20 cm.

  Wusthof 4349 Sharpening Guide

Sharpening Guide to keep a constant angle during sharpening

 Vulkanus sharpener set ERSTVAABS, replacement set

Replacement set for the sharpening parts of the Vulkanus sharpening systems

 Eden Quality three-piece sharpening set

Three-piece sharpening set consisting of an Eden Quality Ceramic sharpening rod, an Eden Quality combi sharpening stone grain 240 / 800 and an Eden Quality combi sharpening stone grain 2000 / 5000.

 Eden Quality Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Very fine ceramic sharpening rod. The perfect alternative for sharpening steels. Can be used to keep knives that are in good condition razor sharp.

 Gatco - EdgeMate Sharpening System

Professional knife sharpening system. Sharpens both serrated and plain edge knives.

 Spyderco Ceramic Benchstones, medium

High quality ceramic sharpening stones.
Available in Medium, Fine and Ultra fine.

 Spyderco- 204MF Sharpmaker

High quality 'anyone-can-do-it' sharpening system.
Sharpens kitchen-knives as well as outdoor knives, scissors, chisels, and even axes !

 Belgian Blue Whetstone  200 x 60 mm / 8" x 2,5"

Natural polishing stone from the Belgian Ardennes. Use after sharpening to polish your knives sharp like a razor.

 Knifesharpener Vulkanus Standard

Tabletop knife sharpener.
Puts a new edge on your knife in seconds.
Constructed from glassfibre reinforced nylon.

 Lansky De Luxe Sharpening System

Easy to use sharpening system with 5 ceramic sharpening hones.

 Adjustable Stone Holder

Adjustable stone holder for Japanese water stones up to 8.6”. The stones can be clamped in the chrome-plated hardware. Anti slip rubber body and central support block for optimal stability and safety when sharpening.

 Fallkniven Diamond Ceramic Whetstone DC4

Combination diamond/ceramic whetstone which contains a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a ceramic stone made of synthetic sapphires. Dimensions: 32 x 100 mm

 Eden Quality Combi Waterstone grain 240 / 800

High quality ceramic sharpening stone grain 240 / 800. Ideal for sharpening the blades on dull knives and maintaining sharp edges on all knives. Comes equipped with a rubber anti-slip foot.

 Spyderco- Bench Stone Fine

Spyderco- Bench Stone Fine

 Spyderco- BenchStone Ultra Fine

Spyderco- BenchStone Ultra Fine

 Lion Sabatier sharpening steel

Lion Sabatier sharpening steel, 10".

 Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sharpening steel 10"

Sharpening steel 10"

 Zwilling J.A. Henckels ceramic sharpening steel

High Quality Zwilling J.A. Henckels Ceramic sharpening steel.

 Zwilling J.A. Henckels diamond sharpening steel, 10"

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Diamond sharpening steel, 10"

 Zwilling J.A. Henckels sharpening steel 23 cm (9")

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sharpening steel 23 cm (9")

 Wusthof  Sharpening steel 9"

Sharpening steel 9"

 Wusthof Sharpening steel oval, 8"

Sharpening steel oval, 8"

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