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Buying Guide: kitchen knives

Are you looking for a kitchen knife to start or to add to your collection? Or will you go with a knife set? The choice depends on your demands, budget and, of course, the knives you already own. One often goes with one all-round kitchen knife, to expand the collection later on. This way, you can spread out the purchase costs over time.

If you love a specific brand or collection, you can always decide to purchase a knife set. Also, purchasing a complete set is cheaper than purchasing individual knives over time. And you immediately own all knives you need for every cutting task.

It doesn't matter which route you take: in the end your kitchen will need more than one knife. Not only because there is a different knife for every specific task in the kitchen, but also because it means you don't have to clean your knives in between use. After all, you don't want to use the same knife to cut raw chicken and vegetables right?

Buying guide kitchen knives

Are you an (amateur)chef and looking for a knife to get started? Choose an all-round kitchen knife! A chef's knife or santoku for instance. Use this knife to cut vegetables, meat, fish and herbs. You can read all about in your 'Buying guide all-round kitchen knives: which kitchen knife do I need?'

Are you looking for a knife to complete your current knife collection? If so, you are probably not looking for an all-round kitchen knife, but a knife for a specific task in the kitchen. We understand that sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. But don't worry, we will help you out.

Buying guide knife set

We already told you all about the advantages of a complete knife set: cheaper and you immediately own the complete set from a specific brand or collection. Knife sets come in many different compositions. Varying from two to eight knives per set. With or without a knife block. Including sharpening steel and/or a pair of scissors. In short: there is a lot to choose from. We made a list of the most common knife sets. Tip: use the filter on the left to find the perfect knife set.