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Line-up: Japanese kitchen knives

Japanese kitchen knives are becoming more and more popular. They are the cream of the crop. Razor-sharp and a sight for sore eyes. Made with a lot of love and craftsmanship, from top-quality materials and often enhanced with stunning damasteel and exquisite types of wood. These knives are meant to be seen. This line-up features five Japanese kitchen knives. Each with their own look and feel.

Sakai Takayuki santoku

The most famous Japanese kitchen knife is, without a doubt, the santoku. A Japanese version of the chef's knife. One of the best pieces has to be the santoku produced by Sakai Takayuki. This knife is enhanced with a 33-layer damasteel blade with a core made from hardened VG-10. The top of the blade is hammered. This gives the knife its unique look and feel and it is also practical. It ensures that ingredients don't stick to the blade. The oriental character of the knife is emphasized by the choice of an octagonal handle made from Japanese selfcova wood. Isn't it amazing?

Kai Shun nakiri

A little less well-known, but not any less beautiful: the nakiri. A traditional vegetable knife which can be recognized by its rectangular blade. The Kai Shun nakiri is enhanced with a VG-MAX core. As such this knife is absolutely amazing to use. The handle is made from laminated pakka wood and has an asymmetrical shape. This knife is amazing to look at and amazing to work with.

Miyabi by Zwilling Gyuto

​A gyutoh is a chef's knife. The blade of this Zwilling gyuto is enhanced with a core made from FC61, surrounded by 48 layers of stunning damasteel. Thanks to the special Friodur ice-hardening process this knife is very robust with a hardness of 61 HRC. The D-shaped handle looks amazing. The black pakka wood gives the handle an exclusive look. All thanks to the decorative red ring and the beautiful mosaic pin. This knife might be small, but is very mighty

Tojiro Yanagiba

Do you like sushi? If so the yanagiba shouldn't be missing from your knife collection. A yanagiba is a long Japanese kitchen knife. Amazing when cutting through maki rolls and to cut sashimi for on nigiri. This Yanagiba has a remarkable blade. The core of this Tojiro yanagiba is made from VG10 steel surrounded by 13-chrome steel. As such you are left with a unique combination of hardness and corrosion resistance. The D-shaped handle made from light-weight oak wood completes the whole.

Eden kanso Aogami paring knife 10 cm

For the more detailed tasks you use a paring knife. This Eden Kanso Aogami paring knife is a Japanese version of the western paring knife and radiates luxury and refinement. This knife was made by hand in Japan. Not in a factory, but a small workshop. As such each knife is unique. The handle of this Kanso Aogami was designed according to traditional Japanese design. The classic Japanese handle made from 'red sandalwood' is asymmetrical and therefore feels great in hand. Amazing to work with and look at!

Not a fan of these knives? Whether you are a professional or amateur chef, a vegetarian or enjoy a piece of meat, whether you work in a large or small kitchen: we made a selection of kitchen knives for everyone. Which line-up will suit you best? 

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