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Du vin, du pain, du fromage: October is wine and cheese month!

Somewhere in the distance a clock strikes nine. The sounds, however, almost don’t reach your living room because of the October rain tapping on your windows. The heater warms up the room and after a long day at work you finally find yourself on your couch with a nice warm blanket on your lap. That is what a real autumn night feels like. However, something is still missing…

October is a month filled with doubt: warm winter coat or no? A month when we get ready for winter and during which darkness sets in a little earlier every single day. But it is also a month of warm blankets and a great time spent with friends or family. However, above all, October is a wine month! 

Wine harvest: the perfect moment

In September most winegrowers already start harvesting their grapes. The winegrower who is not afraid to take a chance, however, waits until October to harvest his grapes. After all, the longer the grapes can ripen the better the wine. However, also the bigger the changes of wintery weather that could destroy the entire harvest. Fortunately, it was a great wine year, with enough sun and hardly any heavy (rain) showers and we can definitely say that the prospects for October also look good!

We would like to propose a toast to a good wine year. And we love to so in style. We might not be selling wine, but we do sell everything for the best wine experience! Do you see yourself sitting there with that blanket on your lap? Stunning glasses on the table, a bottle of wine next to it. Opening that bottle is then, of course, only possible if you do it right. Because, let’s be honest, that wood-aged Bordeaux will taste even better if you open it with a handmade olive wood sommeliers knife, listening to the amazing name of Forge de Laguiole.

The ultimate wine experience

You might not have thought about it much, but there is more than meets the eye when organizing the perfect wine night. You, of course, need to open the bottle. Depending on if the cork has been covered with a foil you can use a waiter’s corkscrew, or a ‘common’ corkscrew

However, if you feel like a glass of wine on a Monday you are, of course, not planning to immediately finish the bottle. Coravin has the perfect solution: wine systems! With a hollow needle that is pierced into the cork, you can pour a glass of wine without removing the cork.  The space created in the bottle by the same needle is filled with argon gas. Because of this gas no oxygen will reach the wine. As a result oxidation will not occur and the flavour is not affected. Perfect when you only want to drink one glass of wine!

Have you found the right wine and have you opened the bottle properly? If so you are almost ready for the perfect wine experience. The one thing missing is a nice piece of cheese. This is also something we can help you with. After all, if you decide to go with a piece of brie on a cracker, a semi-hard cheese or even a nice piece of parmesan cheese: with our range of cheese knives you can cut and spread them with ease. We have great sets with large or small cheese knives and, of course, also the best cheese boards! Bon appetite!