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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Purchasing a cheese knife: for any cheese the right knife

Cheese knives come in many shapes and sizes. For any type of cheese there will be a type of knife. After all, the hardness and structure of cheeses can vary. As such, the cheese knife you will need depends on the hardness of the cheese. Especially when serving a cheese board multiple knives are indispensable.

Cheese knives for fresh and soft cheeses

When purchasing a cheese knife it is important to know for which type of cheese the knife can be used. For instance, there are spreading knives for fresh cheeses. These knives do not have a sharpened blade and are therefore great for spreading cheese. For soft cheeses you can look for brie knives or knives that have holes in the blade. Both knives have an as little cutting surface as possible giving the cheese a less chance of sticking to the surface.

Cheese knives for semi-hard and hard cheeses

For the semi-hard and hard cheeses you can choose from different cheese knives, cheese hatchets, and Dutch cheese knives. Some of them are even enhanced with a forked tip in order for you to easily pick up and serve the cut cheeses. In addition, there are knives that will help you break, split, and scrape complete Parmesan cheese wheels. In short, a cheese knife for any type of cheese!