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Claude Dozorme: Laguiole knives and wine accessories

Claude Dozorme has been making knives and wine accessories since 1902 in the heart of the French knife culture: Thiers. The Dozorme family effortlessly combines traditional craftsmanship and modern production methods. Laguiole knives, steak knives, corkscrews and oyster sets: Claude Dozorme makes everything you could possibly need to enjoy a delicious night in!

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Why choose Claude Dozorme

Many parts of the manufacturing process of Claude Dozorme products are done by hand. You can clearly see the hand of the maker in the product. People aren't machines, so of course, little imperfections may also be visible. This only adds to the authentic French character, though. Claude Dozorme makes beautiful products, such as premium steak knife sets made from different types of wood, chic oyster knives and the most stylish wine openers. Like the steak knives, the wine openers are made of high-quality materials such as ram's horn or olive wood.

History of Claude Dozorme

Claude Dozorme's story begins in 1902. Blaise Dozorme is a skilful metalworker who sees the opportunity to open a knife workshop at his house. His dominant personality earned him the nickname 'wolf', hence the logo! The company is taken over by Valentin Dozorme and soon after Claude takes the lead, naming the company Claude Dozorme. He quickly turns the company into a large and modern knife producer. At the same time, he cherishes the old production methods: many steps taken are still the same as in 1902 when the company started out. Now, the newest generation of Dozorme has joined the company. Daughter Claudine Dozorme is the current sales and marketing manager. In her own way, she has taken over the baton from her father. Today, Claude Dozorme is one of the most famous brands in Thiers. Still authentically made in France, like the past 115 years.

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