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Kramer by Zwilling kitchen knives: designs by Bob Kramer

Introducing the Kramer by Zwilling kitchen knives: born out of a collaboration with legendary knife maker Bob Kramer. His extensive knowledge and experience are the foundation on which this collection of kitchen knives was built. Each knife is a gem, combining exceptional quality and pure beauty. Kramer knows better than anyone how a knife should perform. That's why these knives are so great!

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Why should you consider Kramer by Zwilling knives?

Kramer by Zwilling kitchen knives combine German and Japanese craftsmanship with the genius knife-making talent of Bob Kramer. A distinctive feature of Kramer's kitchen knives is their relatively high blades, combined with a pointed tip for precise cutting tasks. The height of the blade makes it easy to cut larger ingredients as well. Moreover, because of the size of the blade, using the rocking motion cutting technique will be slightly different than you're probably used to.

Kramer by Zwilling series

Kramer by Zwilling Euro Stainless

The Euro Stainless series from Kramer by Zwilling is made from a fantastic damascus steel. Damascus steel with these kinds of high-contrast markings are very rare. The core of the blades are made from SG2 powder steel. A high-end type of steel that retains its sharpness well. The hardness of this steel also allows for a very high level of sharpness. As a result, these knives will slice through anything. The dark damascus steel looks stunning in combination with the black handles in which the mosaic pins add a finishing touch.

Kramer by Zwilling kitchen knives

Kramer by Zwilling chef's knife

The most distinctive knife of the Kramer by Zwilling kitchen knives is the chef's knife. Looking at the shape of the blade and contours of the handle, fans will immediately be able to tell that this is a Kramer. The handles have a convex shape, and offer a good grip. Bob Kramer paid special attention to balance when designing this knife, and it shows.

History of Kramer by Zwilling knives

Bob Kramer is well known in the knife world. For years, this American knife maker has been creating masterful knives. Kramer once began this quest with the goal of making high-quality knives that are easy to sharpen and that retain their sharp blades even after heavy use. For decades, Bob Kramer has passionately and diligently perfected the art of blacksmithing. This has not gone unnoticed, as there is a long waiting list of people who want a handmade knife from Kramer. And this is not a surprise to us, as every knife that he crafts by hand is a true piece of art. Thanks to Kramer by Zwilling, you now have the chance to get your hands on a knife that comes close to his handmade creations.

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