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Fontenille Pataud steak knives: made by hand and incredibly chic

Show off your personal style and appreciation for classy products with Fontenille Pataud steak knives. These are not knives from the bargain bin of a home improvement shop: these are handmade pieces of art that take cutting meat and other dishes to the next level. In the French knife capital of Thiers, Fontenille Pataud's craftsmen work tirelessly and with great passion to craft the finest and best Laguiole steak knives.

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Features of Fontenille Pataud steak knives

The hand of the maker

What makes Laguiole steak knives from Fontenille Pataud special is that you can see the maker's signature on each knife. If you look carefully at the spine of the blade, you'll see a filed mark. Each knife maker at Fontenille Pataud has their own unique mark. It's the maker's signature, in a way. That is also what makes these knives so special.

Extraordinary materials

Another distinguishing feature of Fontenille Pataud steak knives is their use of exorbitant materials. The most exclusive wood types and even certain types of horn are used at Fontenille Pataud to give these knives their chic look and feel.

Available in different sets

Fontenille Pataud steak knives are available in sets of 2, 4 or 6 steak knives. These sets are delivered in a nice wooden storage box. This also looks great as gift packaging. It won't look out of place if put on display in your kitchen either.