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Robert Herder paring knife: your indispensable kitchen aid

The most famous paring knife in the world, is the Robert Herder paring knife. A classic paring knife with a wooden handle and a thin sharp blade of hard steel. In addition to this paring knife, Robert Herder also makes other knives under the brand name Robert Herder. Robert Herder is famous for it's thin sharpening technology and the use of non-stainless carbon steel. A combination that guarantees optimal cutting properties. This paring knife is, like the other knives by Robert Herder, the ideal and practical tool for daily use.

 Robert Herder K0 peeling knife, 9730.1465.04

Blade length: 6.6 cm
Overall length: 18.0 cm
Weight: 33 grams

 Robert Herder K3, filleting- and kitchen knife, 9740.1537.04

Blade length: 12.5 cm
Overall length: 24.2 cm
Weight: 59 grams

 Robert Herder K4, Chef's knife, 7451.1854.04

Blade length: 12.7 cm
Overall length: 25.7 cm
Weight: 111 grams

 Robert Herder K5, Chef's knife, 9745.1855.04

Blade length: 17.4 cm
Overall length: 30.0 cm
Weight: 128 grams

 Robert Herder 9213197504 Grandmoulin bread knife

Blade length: 23.0 cm
Overall length: 36.8 cm
Weight: 160 grams

 Robert Herder 196062565 santoku

Blade length: 16.5 cm Overall length: 30.0 cm Weight: 125 grams

 Robert Herder 120122503 vegetable peeler

Blade length: 5.7 cm
Overall length: 15.9 cm
Weight: 20 grams

 Robert Herder paring knife

Famous paring knife made by Robert Herder in Solingen, Germany. Carbon steel blade, not stainless

 Robert Herder Lignum 3 'HRC 60'

Non-stainless steel santoku knife. Ultra thin blade made out of High Carbon steel for excellent cutting.

 Robert Herder '1922' Chef's knife 23 cm carbon

A special chef's knife, original design from 1922. The very thin blade is made of carbon steel (not stainless) and because of that, it cuts like a warm knife through butter!

 Robert Herder K2, small Chef's knife, 9730.1536.04

Blade length: 10.5 cm
Overall length: 22.5 cm
Weight: 48 grams

 Robert Herder breakfast knife “Buckels” Stainless

German “Buckels” type breakfast knife. Blade length 4,5”. Thin blade made of stainless steel. Handle made of cherry wood.

 Robert Herder K1 peeling knife, 9730.1475.04

Blade length:9.1 cm
Overall length: 20.5 cm
Weight: 35 grams

 Robert Herder kitchen knife, walnut handle 14 cm

Traditional Solingen Windmill knife. This knife is regarded as the superior deluxe version of the renowned Lignum 3, another top-quality knife by Robert Herder. This superb kitchen knife is handcrafted by Rudolf Broch, the master knife maker. His traditional expertise and workmanship guarantee that this kitchen knife is crafted using techniques that have almost become obsolete.

 Robert Herder Mushroom knife with brush

Mushroom knife comes equipped with small brush designed for removing dirt and debris from mushrooms. Traditional Solingen thinly-honed blade made from stainless steel. Handle made from exquisite cherry wood.

 Robert Herder Stainless Steel Windmill Knife

The incredible Robert Herder windmill knife, manufactured from stainless steel. The entire length of the blade has been sharpened to an extremely thin edge making this knife’s unique cutting performance second to none. It is the ideal potato peeler!

 Robert Herder Mini Chef, red beech, stainless steel

Renowned windmill knife by Robert Herder. Its entire blade is very thinly ground for superb cutting performance. This little gem is not called ‘The Mini Chef’ for nothing

 Robert Herder Santoku knife 16.5 cm red beechwood

Non-stainless Santoku knife (lightweight Japanese chef’s knife). Superlative cutting performance thanks to its thinly honed edge. This is only possible with non-stainless steel!

 Robert Herder breakfast knife, 'Buckels' carbon, plumwood

Blade length:11.5 cm
Overall length: 22.0 cm
Weight: 35 grams

 Robert Herder 1922 Carving Knife HRC 60

Carving knife with extremely thin blade, very little resistance encountered when cutting. Blade length: 23 cm.

 Robert Herder Paring Knife, small

Blade length: 6.4 cm
Total length: 17.0 cm
Weight: 19 gram

 Robert Herder 1922 chef's knife 18 cm, prune wood

Blade length: 17,9 cm Total length: 30,5 Weight: 200 gram

 Robert Herder maintenance oil for wooden handles, 20 ml

Maintenance oil for wooden handles, 20 ml

 Robert Herder '1922' office knife 10 cm, walnut wood

Blade length: 10,9 cm Total length: 20,8 Weight: 60 gram

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