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Robert Herder mill knives: amazing quality

The Robert Herder mill knife is the most popular kitchen knife of the past 100 years. Famous for its extreme sharpness and the excellent price-quality ratio, it is the best peeling knife on the market. Mill knives have been produced for dozens of years and last just as long. Attention to detail, a great finish and the unique cutting qualities make these Robert Herder mill knives indispensable in your kitchen.

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Qualities of a mill knife

The knives are made according to traditional methods and are sharpened in the German city of Solingen. The knives have a thin grind (called a 'Dünschliff') and a blue-polished finish. It requires a lot of manual labour to get the desired result, but it is worth it. The razor-sharp features are partially the result of the classic Solinger Dünnschliff. The carbon steel that is used for the blade, is the other determining factor. As a result, the mill knife is sharper than almost any other peeling knife. Because the steel contains a lot of carbon the blade is very hard, but not stainless. This means that the knife changes colour relatively quickly. How you need to maintain your mill knife to enjoy it the longest? You can read all about it in our infotopic: How do I maintain my mill knife?