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Edwin Vinke fish knives by Robert Herder

The famous German knife smith Robert Herder developed a special collection of fish knives with master chef Edwin Vinke. The knives are made by hand. The blade is made from stainless steel with a hardness of approximately 59 HRC. Both names are etched in the blade. The handle is made from POM or walnut wood and enhanced with four rivets.

The knives are based on Japanese knives. The Japanese, however, work with slightly bigger knives. The design of these knives is smaller because around here the fish are smaller. With these knives Robert Herder and Edwin Vinke have made Japanese knives smaller.

Emergence Edwin Vinke fish knives

Edwin Vinke is the star chef of restaurant De Kromme Watergang. Here he serves many different types of fish. Fileting the fish is something Edwin does himself. The knives he used for the job, however, were in his eyes lacking. For this reason he decided to sit down with Robert Herder’s granddaughter. It took over a year to come up with the finished products, but the results are definitely worth the wait!