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Sage cutting boards: durable chopping boards for everyday use

Are you looking for a good cutting board? You've come to the right place! These cutting boards are made from sustainable materials. Sage cutting boards are made from FSC-certified wood pulp and resin. These boards are non-porous, making them extra hygienic and HACCP-compliant. Moreover, Sage cutting boards are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them a piece of cake. In short, a Sage cutting board is a great choice for the environment and your kitchen!

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Features of Sage cutting boards

Sage cutting boards are a delight to use. They're perfect for your daily kitchen tasks because these chopping boards are durable and heatproof up to 350 degrees Celsius. Feel free to use them as a coaster for your kettle or a pan. Moreover, these cutting boards are soft enough to not damage your knives, yet tough enough that you won't easily cut into the material. Of course, with rough treatment it is always possible to create scratches. Another great feature is the size of these cutting boards. Thanks to their thin nature, they'll barely take up space in your cupboards.

Some cutting boards even come with a juice groove, perfect for ingredients that release a lot of moisture like fruits. No more sticky countertops!

History of Sage

Sage cutting boards have been a staple of professional kitchens and home kitchens alike for 50 years. As early as 1962, the basic material from which the boards are made was first introduced. Every Sage cutting board is made in Seattle, Washington, USA. The materials are sourced within a 30-mile range of the Seattle factory. You can find all Sage cutting boards & serving boards at Knivesandtools since 2013.

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