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Munetoshi: Japanese kitchen knives by Mr. Kouichi Tsurumaki

Munetoshi knives are forged by hand in Japan by Mr. Kouichi Tsurumaki. A third-generation knife smith, born in 1949. He started out making sickles and axes. Really practical items that quickly became popular. Some ten years ago he entered the world of kitchen knives. Where even today, he provides a select group of enthusiasts with stylish kitchen knives that are produced according to Japanese tradition. His background as a toolmaker can still be seen in his work: he focuses on function. Not so much on form. As a result, they cut exceptionally well, while being relatively affordable.

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Why choose Munetoshi kitchen knives

Choose Munetoshi knives if you're looking for exceptional cutting performance. These knives are made to work exceptionally well, not to win any beauty competitions. Although that rugged look definitely has its charm, of course.

Blades made from Shirogami steel

The blades are made from Shirogami steel. Also known as White Paper Steel. Shiro means white in Japanese and gami means paper. White paper, then, named after the packaging in which steel manufacturer Hitachi supplies this steel. This is a classic Japanese type of steel with a high carbon content. A characterising feature of this steel type is its hardness: these knives have a hardness of 61-63 HRC. Moreover, the blades are 'laminated'. This means that the Shirogami steel is laminated between two pieces of soft, stainless steel. This improves flexibility and the corrosion resistance of the blade, without compromising on the qualities of the Shirogami steel.

The charm of Japanese craftsmanship

To Mr. Kouichi Tsurumaki, function is key. Perfect finishes? Not as important. He feels that the kitchen knife is a tool that should, first and foremost, function. As a result, the knives may have subtle differences, making them unique. The Brute de Forge finish that emerges as you harden the steel is also unique for each knife. It gives these knives its rough charm you rarely see these days.

Please note: Japanese knives deserve special attention. Read more about using and maintaining your Japanese knives here.

History of Munetoshi

Master blacksmith Kouichi Tsurumaki was born in 1949 and started blacksmithing when he was 15 years old. As a 3rd generation blacksmith, blacksmithing is in his blood. As is common in Japan, he started an apprentice and gradually gained more experience. In Kouichi Tsurumaki's case, this mainly included gardening tools. He didn't start making knives until much later. Kouichi Tsurumaki is solely dedicated to functionality. Exceptional cutting performance at competitive prices. If you're looking for a knife with a perfect finish, don't buy these knives. But you'll forget all about any imperfections the finish might have when you feel how easily these knives are able to cut through all kinds of products. Knivesandtools has been selling Munetoshi knives since 2022.

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