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Benriner mandolins: for a neat cutting result

With a large amount of experience dating back to the 1940s, Japan's Benriner is a well-known brand when it comes to mandolins. To this day, the Benriner mandolin is still very recognizable. The sleek design hasn't seen many changes over the years. After all, why change a winning team? Benriner mandolins do come in different sizes these days, so there is a perfect mandolin for everyone's cutting needs!

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Reasons to choose a Benriner mandolin

As we said, Benriner offers the perfect mandolin for every cutting need. The mandolins are available in different sizes, and feature blades of various thickness. There is also the Benriner Mandolin Catch; a mandolin with a handy collection tray that catches your sliced vegetables. Benriner's practical kitchen tools have a finger guard and a rubber non-slip base on the front to prevent the mandolin from sliding during use. Great safety features!

History of Benriner

In the 1940s, Uyuki Yamamoto started the company, Benriner, with the first product being a radish slicer. The first models were made from wood and were mainly bought by hotels and restaurants. During the Japanese industrial development wood material became scarce, so Benriner switched to plastic. This made mass production possible and was also more hygienic! In 1973, Benriner added a finger protection system and a collection tray. These are also the mandolins as we know them today!

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