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Nesmuk: kitchen knives of the highest quality

At Nesmuk, exquisite quality and exceptional cutting capabilities go hand in hand. Nesmuk combines over 3,500 years of knife knowledge with modern production methods and old-fashioned craftsmanship. The result? Kitchen knives of unparalleled beauty, which are also very comfortable in hand. You can clearly see elements of the Japanese style in this design. For instance, Nesmuk often uses a recognisable 'K-tip' blade shape, similar to what you see a lot on Japanese bunka knives. Yet Nesmuk knives are made in Solingen, Germany. These knives are the ultimate combination of German reliability and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

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Outstanding range of Nesmuk knives

Nesmuk has deliberately and very carefully designed a limited number of models that allow you to handle any task in the kitchen. These knives are available in different designs. The main consideration for choosing knives from the Exclusive series, Janus series or Soul series would be aesthetics. They share perfect ergonomics, finish and unparalleled sharpness. These are the kinds of knives to last a lifetime. After all, the 'International Knife Award' for the best knife design is not given to just any knife. These knives were designed for professional chefs, amateur chefs and fans of luxurious products.

Peak sharpness

Of course, you expect your new kitchen knife to be sharp. A chef's knife from Nesmuk will exceed all your expectations. Nesmuk's sharpening method is exceptional. The blades are hollow ground on one or both sides (called a hollow grind). This makes the edge of the knife extra thin and therefore extra sharp. A Nesmuk knife slices through all ingredients like it's butter.

Nesmuk kitchen knives: collections

Nesmuk Exclusive C90

Among all the extremely good Nesmuk knives, the Exclusive, also spelled Exklusiv, is the most exceptional. These knives feature superb hand-forged damascus steel of up to 210 layers, combined with the very finest woods and most refined edges.

Nesmuk Janus

The Nesmuk Janus series has a contemporary and sleek design. A black coating on the blades and a handle made from brilliant materials make this a picture-perfect series. Truly an asset to your kitchen, both in looks and usability.

Nesmuk Soul

The Nesmuk Soul series is Nesmuk's entry level collection. It's a little bit more affordable than the Janus series. Similar quality, but a slightly simpler finish.

Types of Nesmuk kitchen knives

Nesmuk chef's knife

The chef's knife with its Japanese K-tip is very recognisable. You can immediately tell that this is a Nesmuk. You have a relatively large space between the handle and the cutting board, which makes using this knife a very pleasant experience.

Nesmuk slicer

Unique to Nesmuk is its Slicer. This type of knife is most similar to a sujihiki or carving knife, but with a K-tip blade shape. What is interesting about this knife is that Nesmuk sells it in so many different blade lengths. So you can use a short Slicer as a utility knife, while a longer one can be used as a carving knife.

History of Nesmuk knives

From Solingen, Germany, Nesmuk provides the world with kitchen knives of exceptional quality. The brand stands for sustainable heirlooms, using responsible materials. Over the years, Nesmuk has continued to innovate.

Today, they use the most modern techniques in combination with traditional manual work. Collaborations with Germany's best chefs endorse Nesmuk's continuous search for improvements. Both in production quality, and in society. Respect for food is one of Nesmuk's focal points. Not only for food resources, but ultimately for all of resources on our planet.


Wooden handles need to be maintained, of course. Though maybe not as often as you'd think. You can apply a coat of oil every once in a while, but using it regularly will provide a bit of grease from the palm of your hand too. It goes without saying that kitchen knives from Nesmuk do not belong in the dishwasher. Washing these knives by hand and drying them well is the way to go! Make sure your knives are neatly stored without the possibility of bumping into other knives. The leather sheaths that Nesmuk sells as accessories are not only very beautiful, they also provide the optimal protection that these knives deserve.

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