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Nesmuk kitchen knives: lonely at the top

Nesmuk claims to incorporate 3500 years of knowledge into the designs and production methods of its kitchen knives. That is quite the claim! However, the fact of the matter is that the knives have stunning designs. And also the production process has been perfected. Whenever possible with the newest techniques, whenever necessary with manual labour.

Ingenious range

Nesmuk has, consciously and very carefully, designed a limited amount of models that will enable you to do practically anything in the kitchen. These knives come in different designs. The most important reason to choose the knives from the EXCLUSIVE-, JANUS- or SOUL- collection has got to be the aesthetics. They share perfect ergonomics, finish and unequalled sharpness. These are knives even your grandchildren will enjoy. After all, they don’t just hand out the ‘International Knife Award’ for best knife design.

It doesn’t get any sharper than this

You expect a new kitchen knife to be sharp. A Nesmuk chef’s knife will, however, surpass all your expectations. After careful examination it turns out that the way these knives have been grinded is far from average. The knives have a hollow grind on one or both sides. As such the blade itself is very thin and, therefore, incredibly sharp. Cutting with a Nesmuk knife will be a breeze.

Each knife needs to be sharpened in time. In many cases a, with diamond-paste treated stropping paddle is enough. Especially since Nesmuk knives were grinded as such that getting them razor-sharp again is a piece of cake. However, these knives do need to be sharpened by someone who knows what they are doing. If only to make sure they won’t be damaged. Not sure if you should sharpen the knife yourself? Nesmuk will do it for you! For free, for over 30 years! Check out the Nesmuk site for the procedure.

Tip: Only cut your products on a wooden cutting board as it will protect the blade. In addition, it has an anti-bacterial effect.

Further maintenance

The wood on the handles should also be taken care of, well, maybe it shouldn’t. By regularly using the knives the grease from the palm of your hand will take care of the maintenance and the natural shine of the wood. A Nesmuk does not belong in a dishwasher, obviously! Simply clean it by hand and immediately dry it off. Make sure that the knives are properly stored without them bumping into other knives. The leather pouches also made by Nesmuk are not only stunning to look at, they also offer the protection these knives need and deserve.