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Robert Herder 1922 knives: top quality according to classic German design

The characteristic Robert Herder 1922 knives are made in a classic design from 1922. The blades are sharpened very thin which makes it possible to cut very finely. Cutting has to do with bridging resistance, which means that because the blades are thin they can cut a lot smoother. The 1922-knives excel in their performance.

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Carbon steel blades

The blades of the 1922-knives are made of carbon steel. It can become sharper than stainless steel and will retain its sharpness better. A disadvantage is that it’s not stainless and these knives require special treatment. Wash them immediately by hand after use and dry them off. Never leave the knife wet or dirty lying around because it will rust. Over time patina will form on the blade and the steel will be a little more stainless. You always have to pay mind when cutting acidic products.

Gandle material of the Robert Herder 1922 knives

The Robert Herder 1922 knives are available with different handle materials. You can choose for instance between the plum wood and walnut wood handles. Both very beautiful wood types that will look gorgeous in every kitchen.

Robert Herder Manufactur

Robert Herder knives are not created in a factory, but in a relatively small-scale work place. Pretty much everything is done by hand. This makes the delivery times sometimes slightly longer than those of competing brands that work from a factory.

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 Robert Herder '1922' Chef's knife 23 cm carbon

A special chef's knife, original design from 1922. The very thin blade is made of carbon steel (not stainless) and because of that, it cuts like a warm knife through butter!

 Robert Herder 1922 Carving Knife HRC 60

Carving knife with extremely thin blade, very little resistance encountered when cutting. Blade length: 23 cm.

 Robert Herder 1922 chef's knife 18 cm, prune wood

Blade length: 17,9 cm Total length: 30,5 Weight: 200 gram

 Robert Herder '1922' office knife 10 cm, walnut wood

Blade length: 10,9 cm Total length: 20,8 Weight: 60 gram

 Robert Herder '1922' carving knife 23 cm, walnut wood

Blade length: 22,5 cm Total length: 35,0 Weight: 140 gram

 Robert Herder 1922 chef's knife 18 cm, walnut wood

Blade length: 17,9 cm Total length: 30,5 Weight: 200 gram

 Robert Herder 1922 chef's knife 23 cm carbon, walnut wood

Blade length: 22,9 cm Totale Length: 35,5 Weight: 200 gram

 Robert Herder Nakiri, prune wood, 1841.62504 kitchen knife

Blade length: 17 cm Total Length: 30 cm Weight: 123 gram

 Robert Herder office knife, prune wood, 1842.250004 kitchen knife

Blade length: 12,5 cm Total Length: 23 cm Weight: 46 gram

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