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Kitchen knives & cutting

Oyster knives: essential for anyone who loves oysters

With a good oyster knife opening oysters will be a piece of cake. Opening oysters with a regular kitchen knife is not only dangerous, you can also damage the oyster meat or parts of the shell could get caught in the oyster. The optimal shape of a good oyster knife prevents flakes from ending up in the oyster meat.

An oyster knife has a short, thick blade with a sharpened tip, and can easily break open a shell. Some models have a finger guard to protect your fingers. The raised edge also makes sure that the knife cannot reach too far inside the shell.

Oyster glove for additional safety

When you slip when you open an oyster you can definitely hurt yourself. To protect yourself from injuries we recommend an oyster glove, also called a protective glove. These safety gloves are made from small metal rings and protect you from knife wounds.