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The oyster season has commenced!

The summer stop is over: the Oyster season has commenced! After all, now that the ‘R’ is back in the month the quality of the oysters is once again amazing. Many consider oysters to be a real delicacy. But that is not all, they are also incredibly healthy. They are full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried them before!

Opening oysters

But how do you open these bad boys? That is where we can come in handy! After all, we know everything about opening oysters. First things first. You need to know that you don’t open those strong oyster shells with just any knife. You run the risk of slipping and/or damaging the valuable oyster meat. For that reason it is best to use a special oyster knife when opening oysters. An oyster knife has a short and thick blade which is specifically made to cut open oyster shells.

How does it work? First you stick the tip of the blade in the hinge, the pointed side of the oyster. If you are successful – it could be a bit tricky, try not to pry – you can carefully cut open the oyster. Make sure you stay close to the edge of the shell and don’t cut into the meat. 

Protective oyster glove

Even if you take every precaution in the book it could occur that you slip. Even the most professional chef’s do. After all, some oysters are easier to open than others. To make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself we recommend using an oyster glove. Wear it on the hand you use to hold the oyster. An oyster glove is often made from small metal rings and might remind you of a chain mail. Because the rings are attached close together you won’t be able to cut through the sturdy glove. 

Make sure you are well prepared before you purchase fresh oysters. At Knivesandtools you will not only find the best oyster knives and gloves, but also complete oyster sets. These are comprised of an oyster knife, a practical oyster holder to keep the oyster in place and a lemon squeezer. 

Want to learn more? Why not check out our how-to where we will tell you more about how to open an oyster!