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How to use an enamel cast-iron pan

An enamel cast iron pan has a number of advantages: optimal heat distribution, long-term heat retention and it will last a life time. Because cast iron and enamel are slightly different from steel and a ceramic non-stick coating we have a couple of tips.

Slowly let the pan get warm

Don’t place the pan on high heat, but allow it to slowly warm up on a smaller hob. After all, cast iron is not a big fan of large changes in temperature. As such, moving the pan from room temperature to the booster-function on your induction hob, or to the wok burner on your gas hob is, therefore, not the best idea. Always make sure that the heat source does not reach beyond the bottom of the pan.

Slowly let the pan cool down

Do you see the trend? You also need to let the pan slowly cool down. Adding cold water to a searing hot pan will cause a thermic shock in both the cast-iron and enamel. As a result it could crack.

Slip and slide, just not on glass!

Cast-iron pans are relatively heavy. For this reason we advise you to lift the pan when you use an induction, ceramic or halogen hob. Sliding this pan over a glass hob is definitely not done!

Why not try the cold approach?

When you think of a pan, you often think of heat. However, a cast iron pan can also retain the cold very well. Are you, for instance, thinking of serving a salad during your barbeque? Why not try placing the pan in the fridge for a night? When you take it out the next day and add your salad to it you will notice that it will stay cool for a long time. You can do quite a lot of things with a cast-iron pan besides cooking and roasting!

Use silicone spatulas

They are not only amazing to use on the smooth enamel surface, they are also great when you want to keep your pan in great shape: silicone spatulas. When you use spatulas made from steel or hard plastic you will notice that, in time, the enamel will start to lose its shine, something you definitely don’t want to happen to your stunning pans.

Wash your cast iron pan by hand

A little bit of tlc in the form of a bath will definitely benefit your pan. We strongly advise against cleaning it in the dishwasher. Your enamel will become dull and you can end up with scratches. Washing it by hand can extend the life of your enamel cast iron pan.

The oil tip

Our tip to you: after washing it add a drop of oil to your finger and move it alongside the top edge of the pan. Sunflower or peanut oil will do the trick. The edge of the pan does not have an enamel coating. As such a drop of oil once in a while will extend the life of the pan.