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Gear Keeper Quick Connect II lanyard, AC0-0912

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Full description

This Gear Keeper Quick Connect II lanyard can be used in combination with your Gear Keeper retractor. The nylon lanyard is 18 cm long and perfect when you are working with smaller tools. With the barrel lock you can firmly lock the tool. Escaping is no longer an option. The lanyard was made for retractors enhanced with the Quick Connect II-click system (Q/C-2). Attach it to the bottom of the retractor and you’re done.

About Gear Keeper

The American brand Gear Keeper makes retractor and accompanying accessories. You use a Gear Keeper to safely and easily keep your flashlight, tools, keys and other appliances close. The retractors have been made for various purposes, such as medical assistance, law enforcement, fly fishing, hunting, and diving. As you can see they are extremely diverse. For this reason it is important that they are strong and sustainable. As an added bonus they are sand, dirt, and (salt)water resistant which will enable you to use the Gear Keeper retractors underwater.


Brand Gear Keeper
Colour black
Country of origin USA

Gear Keeper Quick Connect II lanyard, AC0-0912


General information

Brand Gear Keeper
Colour black
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

Features & functions

Attached by lanyard
System Quick Connect II (Q/C-2)


Material line nylon

Dimensions & weight

Weight 7 grams
Length 20.5 cm
Width 2.5 cm
Length of the line 18 cm