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Pocket knives are the standard equipment for outdoor enthusiasts

Pocket knives are hugely popular and practical. You can buy many types of pocket knives, there is a suitable pocket knife for any application. At Knivesandtools you can choose from hundreds of pocket knives. From affordable pocket knives for daily use to exclusive gentlemen’s knives.

A pocket knife or folding knife is a small folding knife that can be carried in your pocket - as the name indicates. Therefore the knives often are not larger than 15 cm when folded. Folding knives or pocket knives are very versatile: their uses range from opening a tin to uncorking a bottle of wine.

Pocket knife, folding knife, flick knife or switchblade

The big difference between a folding knife, a pocket knife or a switchblade is unknown. All these knives are pocket knives. The pocket knives called folding knife or flick knife are often more ‘chic’ and the switchblades often remind of a tough pocket knife. To make a clearer distinction knivesandtools.co.uk applies another classification. We distinguish gentleman’s knives, everyday knives, Swiss pocket knives, hunting knives, tactical pocket knives and multitools.

Gentleman’s knives are beautiful classic knives with a lot of passion. The gentleman’s knives by Fontenille Pataud are very beautiful. Everyday knives are functional knives that are handy to carry every day. Swiss pocket knives are the famous Victorinox or Wenger. They have a lifelong guarantee and are very practical in use. Hunting pocket knives are the very sturdy and sharp pocket knives by Buck, Gerber and other brands. Tactical pocket knives are versatile and hyper sturdy knives of a.o. Extrema Ratio, Zero Tolerance and SOG.


Buying guide pocket knives

Looking for a pocket knife, but can't see the wood for the trees? We would love to help you out! We came up with a couple ways of finding you a pocket knife that will suit you best. Depending on what aspect you find most important.