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Liong Mah: sleek design, top quality knives

Liong Mah Design Logo

Liong Mah Design knives are the result of the brilliant designs of knife maker Liong Mah, and the excellent production skills of Reate Knives. Appealing knives that were made by one of the best knife manufacturers in the world. Liong Mah's style can be described as sleek and practical. Design and use are perfectly balanced.

Form and function, perfectly balanced

As a pastry chef in New York Liong Mah learned how to work with knives at an early age. And today you still notice that his knives are meant to be used. That is why it is also so impressive that these knives look as amazing as they do. You often see that compromises are made to either make a knife look amazing, or to make it functional. When you look at the Liong Mah knives you know that it doesn't have to be this way.

From Florida, USA to Reate in China

Designer Liong Mah has his knives produced at one of the best producers in the world: Reate Knives in China. He and Reate go way back and he ensures that all of his designs are produced in the best possible way. Liong Mah is, of course, a premium knife brand. However, when you look at the exceptional quality you receive for the price you pay, you will quickly realize that Liong Mah Design secretly offers more than excellent value for money.