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Douk-Douk pocket knife: a traditional and affordable knife with a rich history

The Douk-Douk is a French pocket knife made by M. C. Cognet in Thiers, France, since 1929. Consider the cultural history of the knife, the simple design of the folded blade and the stunning engraving on the handle: traditional Douk-Douk knives are a must-have for every knife collector. Most Douk-Douk knives also have the logo of the brand engraved on the blade, complemented by a filigree-like drawing.

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Why choose a Douk-Douk pocket knife?

The Douk-Douk is a minimalist folding knife that became popular in the former French colonies. The knife has a slipjoint mechanism and a metal handle that shows an image of the traditional Duk-Duk dancers. Most Douk-Douk knives are made from soft carbon steel, which makes it easy to sharpen the blade to a razor-sharp edge. Like with all carbon steel, however, it is key to maintain the blade to prevent rust. The knife's historical and cultural background make this knife popular among collectors.

The story behind the Douk-Douk knife

The inspiration for the Douk-Douk knife came from the secret society of the Duk-Duk. This society was part of the traditional culture of the Tolai people of the Rabaul area of New Britain, the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea. With religious, political and social objectives, this secret society represented law and order through spirits. These spirits, the male Duk-Duk and the female Tubuan, were portrayed by male dancers. It was forbidden for women and children to look at these figures. The distinctive costumes of the Duk-Duk dancers are depicted on the handle of the famous pocket knives.

History of knife company Douk-Douk

M. C. Cognet is a knife company that has been active since 1835. In 1929, Gaston Cognet designed the Douk-Douk, inspired by the 'Duk-Duk', a Melanesian spirit. Originally, these knives were produced in France to be exported to the French colonies in Africa and Oceania. The knives grew in popularity thanks to the relatively low price and the razor-sharp edge.

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