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BeaverCraft wood carving knives: tools for the amateur woodworker, for amazing prices

BeaverCraft is a Ukrainian brand making woodworking tools at affordable prices. This brand has an extensive range. Whether you carve spoons or kuksas, wooden ornaments or funny dolls and other figures: BeaverCraft has got you covered with the right tools. Moreover, besides the tools BeaverCraft also has an extensive collection of accessories and maintenance products. For example, a strop with compound, aprons, finishing materials and they even have outdoor products, such as axes and bushcraft knives. BeaverCraft also makes videos that guide you through every step of your woodcarving project.

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Reasons to choose BeaverCraft woodworking tools

BeaverCraft is an excellent choice because of its high-quality tools suitable for various woodworking projects. BeaverCraft distinguishes itself with a wide range of accessories, including strops with compound, aprons, finishing materials and outdoor products such as axes and bushcraft knives. Choosing a good wood carving knife is personal. Fortunately, BeaverCraft produces so many different knives you are bound to find the right one. Not completely satisfied? The great thing about a wooden handle is that, if it doesn't feel great in hand, you can carve it to size to make sure it does! This is how you make a knife your own! The brand values innovation and sustainability, both in materials and production processes. With attention to detail and good warranty conditions, BeaverCraft has everything a woodworker could want.

BeaverCraft product types

Bushcraft knives

BeaverCraft's bushcraft knives are made to be practical and reliable outdoor companions. The blades are full-tang and made of 1066 steel. These knives come with a leather sheath.

Woodcarving knives

Woodcarving knives are what started it all for BeaverCraft. The brand offers a wide variety of woodcarving knives. They make a variety of sloyd, carving, cutting, pulling, chipping and detail knives.

Spoon knives

BeaverCraft has several options for their spoon knives. BeaverCraft has spoon knives, or hook knives, with different curves and a variety of handle lengths. And the great thing is that there are left-handed options too!

Tool sets

To help you find your way in their large assortment, BeaverCraft has put together sets to make it easier for beginners.

DIY kits

BeaverCraft's DIY kits are put together for those who want to get started right away. Inside the kits you will usually find the tools, wood, sandpaper, finishing materials, protective tape and even bandaids. The contents will differ per kit, so check the product description or the specifications to see what items are included.


For the initial rough carving of your wood projects, BeaverCraft offers a hand axe.

Chisels and gouges

BeaverCraft has a nice selection of hand chisels and gouges. Use these chisels and gouges to cut away detailed shapes. Chisels and gouges should not be used with a hammer.


BeaverCraft's wood is specially selected for carving. There are several sets available with different types of wood. BeaverCraft also offers pre-formed pieces of wood for making a spoon, bird or kuksa, for example.


An apron is essential to protect your clothes against scratches and dust. BeaverCraft aprons all have pockets to hold your favourite tools.


BeaverCraft has all the accessories you could possibly need, like a strop with compound to keep your tools sharp, or tool cases and holders for storing your cutting tools. Of course, BeaverCraft's range also includes natural beeswax to give your projects a smooth finish.

History of BeaverCraft

BeaverCraft is a Ukrainian brand specializing in woodcarving tools. Unhappy with existing options - usually expensive but low quality - BeaverCraft was founded in 2014 to solve this problem. That's why BeaverCraft products are high quality and affordable. To this day, BeaverCraft remains true to these core values. The brand continues to explore new horizons, always striving for better quality in the field of woodworking tools.

Frequently asked questions about BeaverCraft