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Helle Knives: traditional Scandinavian outdoor knives

Helle Logo

Helle knives are extremely popular with hunters, bushcrafters and survival enthusiasts. The product developers get their feet dirty and test their knives out themselves all over the world. Collaborations with well-known survival experts such as Les Stroud grow into a genuine love for the knives, not necessarily out of commercial interest.

They choose very special kinds of wood for the handles, high-quality laminated steel and hand-made leather holsters. This all breathes quality! The blades themselves are also made by hand. Subtle differences between the knives make every knife a unique masterpiece.

The history of Helle knives

Helle knives are being made since the early 1930s A/S Helle Fabrikker in Holmedal, Norway. In the middle of an economic crisis, the unemployed brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle started making their quality knives. Their knives were quickly popular with the locals. Steinar Helle went to Oslo with a backpack full of fixed knives to see if people from other parts would be interested as well. A journey over the mountains of almost 500 kilometres. And he did so by bike! 


Helle Kletten K: review from a Bushcrafter’s perspective, by Padraig Croke

When Knivesandtools asked me to take a look at the new Helle Kletten K, I was very excited. This Norwegian knife company has interested me for a while now, after seeing more and more people carrying their tools in the field, and I wanted to see for myself what the hype was about.