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Marttiini knives: traditional Finnish knives for your next bushcrafting adventure

Marttiini's knives have a strong connection to traditional Finnish puukko knives, which have been made and used in Scandinavia for hundreds of years. Marttiini produces many different types of knives that are suitable for hunting, fishing, bushcrafting and other general outdoor use. Most Marttiini knives have a scandi grind. This means that the blade is pretty thick just above the sharp edge of the knife, providing extra strength compared to, for example, a regular V-shaped edge. The handles of Marttiini knives are made from high-quality materials like wood, rubber or plastic.

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Reasons to choose Marttiini

Marttiini produces a wide variety of knives. From traditional to modern, without losing sight of their Finnish roots. The knives vary in shape, blade and handle. As a result, the knives can be used for a large variety of everyday cutting tasks as well as more challenging tasks that will occur when you're hunting, fishing or bushcrafting. Every knife has been specifically designed to meet certain needs, so when you're choosing the best Marttiini knife for you, it's important to consider what you will be using the knife for. Consider the size and the weight of the knife. For example, a hunting knife may require a larger blade, while a fishing knife requires a narrower and lower blade for filleting fish. A general-purpose outdoor knife will have a thicker blade, allowing you to tackle the most challenging cutting tasks with ease. Another consideration to keep in mind is the type of steel. Marttiini uses only high-quality types of stainless steel and carbon steel. The steel types that are used for their knives are specifically chosen to be the sustainable choice and to offer great sharpness retention. Stainless steel is more maintenance-friendly, but carbon steel is generally tougher and offers a better sharpness retention. In time, carbon steel will develop a beautiful, dark patina giving the knife a worn look.

What are Marttiini's most popular knives?

The Marttiini Lynx is a classic hunting knife with a strong blade and comfortable handle. It's praised for its durability and versatility. The Marttiini Condor is also very popular, and like the Lynx it's shaped like a hunting knife. It has a robust blade and is therefore suitable for heavy-duty tasks that you can run into during hunting. The Marttiini Lumberjack is a crowd-favourite within the Marttiini range. The Lumberjack is a robust and functional outdoor and bushcrafting knife that is especially popular amongst bushcrafters and fans of outdoor living. The Marttiini Snappy is a knife with a much shorter blade than the Marttiini Lynx, for example. Thanks to its short blade, this knife is perfect for wood carving or other tasks where the blade needs to be handled with precision.

About Marttiini Knives

No, we're not talking about the famous drink! Marttiini is a Finnish company that produces affordable knives for different purposes. Since the start of the company, they have been manufacturing traditional Finnish knives. This includes the well-known puukko knives. These knives have been used by Scandinavians for ages. They're perfect for all sorts of cutting tasks. Anything from hunting and fishing to everyday cutting tasks in the kitchen. The company actively engages in forest re-growth to minimise their carbon footprint.

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