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Benchmade pocket knife: top-performing American knives for EDC and outdoor use

Benchmade knives are made to be used on a daily basis. From professionals who need to be able to rely on their knives to enthusiasts who use it for daily tasks. Each Benchmade knife is produced in the United States by experts. Whether you peel an apple or open a box on a daily basis, if you are there for others as a professional or simply love knives: Benchmade knives are a great choice!

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Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges
Our customers give us a 5-star rating
Delivery from our own stock
Ordered before 5:30 PM, shipped the same day
All prices include VAT, fees and charges

Why choose a Benchmade pocket knife?

It has become impossible to imagine the world of practical, high-quality pocket knives without Benchmade in it. For many veteran knife fans, the 'Griptilian' was their favourite pocket knife, a position the Bugout series has taken for the new generation of knife fans. It's the type of thing you only achieve when you are a leading knife brand.

Benchmade Axis Lock

The Axis lock is perhaps the most famous Benchmade invention to date. It's a rock-solid lock which can be controlled from both sides of the handle. Many have tried to copy this lock, but only few succeeded. The Axis lock is the preferred lock for left-handed users and turns almost all Benchmade knives into a friend to all.

Made in the USA

Benchmade knives are produced in the United States. High-end techniques, modern materials and motivated employees produce amazing knives for enthusiasts and professionals on a daily basis. From hunters to military personnel: everyone will find the perfect knife at Benchmade.

Benchmade series

Benchmade Bugout

Originally, Benchmade designed the Bugout as a pocket knife for hikers. People who spend time in the mountains and pay attention to every gram. It is now one of the most popular EDC knives.

Benchmade Mini Bugout

This is a smaller version of the Bugout, though it has the same beloved shape and capabilities.

Benchmade Bailout

This is a bigger version of the Bugout. The Bailout is part of Benchmade's Black Class collection. It was designed as a tactical knife for first responders and soldiers.

Benchmade Griptilian

The Griptilian has been a fixture in Benchmade's line-up for years. The knives have something in common, however: ergonomics. It feels great in hand and offers a lot of grip. Hence the name.

Benchmade 940 Osborne

The 940 Osborne is designed by Warren Osborne. Ever since its release in 2000, the Benchmade 940 has been a must-have for every pocket knife enthusiast.

Benchmade 945 Mini Osborne

This is the smaller version of the 940 Osborne. It has the same beloved features, just slightly smaller. Great for those who prefer a compact pocket knife.

Benchmade Adamas

The Adamas is a rock-solid pocket knife. For this knife, Benchmade updated their classic Adamas design.

Benchmade Mini Adamas

Compared to the original Adamas it might be Mini, but with an 8.3 cm blade it is not a small pocket knife. It's as strong as the standard Adamas, but better suited for EDC use.

Benchmade Crooked River

The Crooked River is an exceptional knife from Benchmade's Hunt Class. The blade has a traditional clip-point shape, the knife also uses modern materials and production methods.

Benchmade Taggedout

The Taggedout is a lightweight pocket knife for hunting. Designed for hunters who travel long distances and pay attention to every gram, the Taggedout won't disappoint.

Benchmade Classes

Benchmade produces knives in different classes: Each Class is intended for a specific target audience or situation.

Benchmade Blue Class

The Blue Class is meant for daily use for everyone. These are the most accessible knives for a large audience. Within this Class, you will find popular EDC pocket knives like the Griptilian and Bugout, but also outdoor knives like the Puukko belong to the Blue Class.

Benchmade Black Class

Black Class knives are designed for demanding professionals such as law enforcement, rescue services and the military. They are knives you can rely on. Often with MOLLE compatible sheaths and black coatings, suitable for the target group.

Benchmade Gold Class

The Gold Class knives are for collectors and users looking for the best of the best. Most of the Gold Class knives feature luxurious steel types like Damasteel, handle materials you will only find on expensive customs and a finish that is to die for. These knives will be the crowning glory of your collection!

Benchmade Hunt Class

The Hunt Class is for hunters working in the field. This Class consists of hunting knives suitable for both gutting game and carrying out different bushcraft tasks.

Benchmade Water Class

The Water Class is for marine purposes, from recreational fishing to marine use. The blades within this series are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as CPM MagnaCut steel. The sheaths and handles are also designed to withstand wet conditions.

History of Benchmade

The basis for Benchmade was laid in California as early as 1979. Founder Les de Asis started with the production of butterfly knives. You still see this when you look at the Benchmade logo: the famous butterfly. Throughout the years, Benchmade has continued to innovate in terms of scaling up production, new types of steel and new materials for handles.

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