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Benchmade Crooked River pocket knife: robust knives for hunting

Benchmade Crooked River pocket knives are part of Benchmade’s Hunt Class. The Crooked River's design was inspired by that of traditional hunting knives. The blade with its clippoint shape is a sure sign of this. The wooden handle parts are also a nod to the traditional knives of the past. In short: the Crooked River is a strong combination of time-tested design and today's technological progress.

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Features of the Benchmade Crooked River

Benchmade Crooked River knives are made for hunting and are a combination of the traditional hunting knives of the past and the modern production methods of today.

Benchmade Crooked River blade

The blade of the Crooked River is made from CPM S30V steel, a type of steel that will not disappoint you in the field and can easily be sharpened. The clippoint blade shape was originally used for hunting, but it's also perfect for everyday use.

Benchmade Crooked River handle

Crooked River pocket knives and other Hunt Class knives stand out in Benchmade's range because of their wooden handle scales. These provide a stunning contrast to the aluminium bolsters.

Benchmade Axis lock

The Axis lock is perhaps the most famous Benchmade invention to date. It's a rock-solid lock which can be controlled from both sides of the handle. The Axis lock is the preferred lock for left-handed users and turns almost all Benchmade knives into a friend to all.

Benchmade Crooked River vs Mini Crooked River

There's also a Mini Crooked River available for those who prefer a smaller pocket knife. Slightly smaller, but no less functional!

Made in the USA

Benchmade knives are produced in the United States. High-end techniques, modern materials and motivated employees produce amazing knives for enthusiasts and professionals on a daily basis. From hunters to military personnel: everyone will find the perfect knife at Benchmade.