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Hunting knives: indispensable when looking for game

Hunters often use their hunting knife and have their own specific requirements. That means the knife must fit the hand well and have the correct indentations for the fingers.

In many cases a clip point or drop point blade will be chosen. A handle where you place your index finger behind the point of the handle makes the hunting knife even easier to guide. A hunting knife is made for skinning game and cutting the meat.

A hunting knife has a smooth blade

A hunting knife will not have a serrated blade. A serrated edge rips through the meat and makes a jagged cut – which is unacceptable to a hunter. Some hunting knives are equipped with a cutting or gutting hook. These are designed to skin game without damaging the guts. The point of the cutting surface of a hunting knife is often rounded upwards, to prevent the knife from touching undesired parts of the meat.

The steel types of hunting knives

Hunting knives can be made from different types of steel. For the application it is not really important which type is used. Harder steel that stays sharp for longer can be chosen, or carbon steel that can easily be kept razor sharp although slightly at the detriment of the rust-resistance. The preference of the user prevails. The extensive hunting knives assortment of Knivesandtools offers the right choice for any hunter.

Protection of the hunting knife

Hunting pocket knives are usually supplied with a sturdy leather or nylon holster to be worn on a belt. It thus is always at the user’s fingertips and can be safely transported without risk of loss in the field. Hunting knives must always be cleaned well after use and for the maintenance a whetstone or a Sharpmaker can be used.