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Fällkniven survival- and hunting knives, design and reliability from Sweden

The Swedish Fällkniven brand stands for extremely strong and high quality knives. The ultimate hunting knife, the Fällkniven Hunting 1, (Fällkniven H1) and the Fällkniven F1 are probably the best known knives of the brand. The family company behind Fällkniven from Norrbotten has been making indestructible knives for 25 years. Fällkniven has become one of the most valued specialists in outdoor knives. The design of the knives is sleek and gives the steel a rock-hard and robust look.

Fällkniven NL Northern Lights series, real hunting knives

The Fällkniven hunting knives are among the absolute favourites of many hunters. The well-known Thermorun that is used for the handles is very practical and hygienic. We see a more stylised handle in the NL series, with a beautifully styled leather handle. In short Fällkniven knives are an absolute asset for any outdoor enthusiast, hunter or angler.

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 Fällkniven F1Pro Zytel sheath, F1PRO

Blade Length:10,1 cm Total Length:21,7 cm Weight: 180 gram

 Fällkniven A1 Pro Zytel sheath, A1PRO

Blade Length:16,0 cm Total Length:28,3 cm Weight: 355 gram

 Fällkniven S1 Pro Zytel sheath, S1PRO

Blade Length:13,1 cm Total Length:24,7 cm Weight: 254 gram

 Fallkniven F1, VG10, zytel sheath

Handle/blade: thermorun/VG10
Blade length: 9.8 cm
Weight: 147 grams

 Fallkniven A1, Kydex sheath

High quality survival knife. Handle/Blade: Thermorun & laminated VG10 Stainless. Blade length: 16,0 cm.

 Fallkniven S1, blank blade, leather sheath

High quality outdoor knife. Handle/ Blade: Thermorun & Laminated VG10 Stainless. Blade length: 13,0 cm

 Fallkniven GP Gentleman's Pocket Knife

Handle material/blade: cocobolo wood/ laminated cobalt steel
Blade length: 7.8 cm
Weight: 91

 Fällkniven FH9

Handle material /blade: Maroon Micarta/3G
Blade length: 6.7 cm

 Fällkniven PCso Survival Orange

Handle/blade: Grilon/laminated CoS Blade length: 7.3 cm Weight: 67 grams

 Fällkniven LTC Legal To Carry, black

Handle/blade: aluminum/3G powder steel Blade Length:5,9 cm Weight: 33 gram

 Fällkniven PCau Gold

Handle/blade: Grilon/laminated CoS Blade length: 7.3 cm Weight: 67 grams

 Fallkniven GP Gentleman's Pocket knife, green micarta

Handle/blade: micarta/laminated cobalt steel Blade Length:7,8 cm Weight: 93 gram

 Fallkniven FH9 Black Hawk

Handle material/steel: Micarta/laminated CoS
Blade length: 6.7 cm

 Fallkniven F1, VG 10, leather sheath

High quality hunting knife. Handle/Blade: Thermorun & Laminated VG10 Stainless. Blade length: 9,7 cm

 Fallkniven U1 Slipjoint folding knife, 3G blade, cocobolo handle

Small folding knife from Fällkniven. The U1 does not have a blade lock. This means that, in many countries, it is considered to be a pocket knife, and is therefore allowed to be carried in public places.

 Fallkniven U2 Folder

Lightweight gent's folder with a powder steel blade.

 Fallkniven TK4 Tre Kronor

High-quality folding knife with blade manufactured from laminated 3G steel. The handle is manufactured from Zytel, an extremely durable, lightweight composite material. Provided with sturdy back-lock mechanism.

 Fallkniven F1,  3G, Zytel sheath

High quality hunting knife.
Handle/Blade: Thermorun & Laminated 3G Stainless.
Blade length: 9,7 cm.

 Fällkniven PC

Handle/blade: Grilon/laminated CoS Blade length: 7.3 cm Weight: 67 grams

 Fallkniven PXL Maroon Micarta

PXL is a modern, slightly larger folding knife for daily use. Blade 3G laminate powder steel (HRC 62). Blade Length: 3.46". Handle: Maroon Micarta. Blade-lock. Movable pocket clip.

 Fallkniven Diamond Ceramic Whetstone DC4

Combination diamond/ceramic whetstone which contains a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a ceramic stone made of synthetic sapphires. Dimensions: 32 x 100 mm

 Fallkniven NL5 Idun

High quality hunting knife with classical design.
Blade length 10 cm.

 Fallkniven SK1 Jarl

Fixed blade knife with attractive curly birch handle with nickel silver finishings. The blade is made from ultra- hard 3G powdered steel. This knife is made to an exquisite standard with great attention to detail, as can be expected from Fällkniven.

 Fallkniven TK1 Tre Kronor, Ivory Micarta, leather sheath

The Tre Kronor (Three Crowns) series of Fällkniven knives combines a splendid timeless design with highly advanced technology. Its 3G powdered steel blade is extremely robust and retains its edge extremely well for a long time.

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